Select Audiences Get Moviebill Preview

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Thu, 03/29/2018 - 09:56 -- Nick Dager

Opening weekend audiences for Ready Player One at Regal Cinemas nationwide will be the first to preview a trailer for Moviebill, the augmented reality platform.Opening weekend audiences for Ready Player One at Regal Cinemas nationwide will be the first to preview a trailer for Moviebill, the augmented reality platform. Concourse Media's principals and Moviebill cofounders Matthew Shreder and James Andrew Felts made the announcement. The actual launch date of Moviebill has not yet been announced.

Moviebill is a collectible magazine with accompanying mobile application for a unique movie-watching experience: 28 pages packed with exclusive content focused on the cover-story movie's opening weekend. Moviebill was created to celebrate and expand the movie-going experience, offering for the first time to moviegoers an innovative AR experience that fans can enjoy alongside their family and friends interacting with their favorite films in a previously impossible way. 

Audiences at Regal Cinemas will have exclusive access to a preview of MovieBill, which will be handed out to audiences starting on opening night of each movie covered. Moviegoers will receive their Moviebill directly from ushers when their ticket is taken, giving them time to explore materials both on the page and in the AR space as the movie begins. After the film, moviegoers can dig into the movie further with revealing videos, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage that continue after the cinema experience ends. Additional posters, banners, and other in-theater displays will offer readers the opportunity to unlock new and different experiences beyond the pages of Moviebill.

"Moviegoers always have been a highly coveted and loyal consumer, especially the opening-weekend moviegoer,” said Shreder. “They are always looking for what's next and are often looking to be surprised and delighted."

Shreder continued, “Moviegoers expect the highest level of entertainment and Moviebill provides the opportunity to deliver more value and excitement to opening-weekend consumers while providing some of the industry's greatest return."

"Moviegoers are still movie lovers after they leave the theater. As the biggest AR platform ever offered for consumer use, Moviebill not only enhances the magic of being at the movies but also serves as a destination for fans to carry home with them after leaving the theater, said Felts.

"Each Moviebill is designed as a collectible souvenir that is meant to go home with the moviegoer," he continued. "Each edition of Moviebill will feature exclusive cover art for the featured movie and will be individualized with the local theater name and copy number." 

"We are excited to be working with the major film studios to provide exclusive augmented reality experiences related to behind-the-scenes features, deleted scenes, games, talent commentary and other special content for the largest and most anticipated movies of the year," added Felts.

With a seven-figure circulation commitment per edition, Moviebill will be one of the largest-circulated physical entertainment media outlets at launch to an audience. Moviegoers have demonstrated that they are among some of the most-engaged and selective consumer groups, and those who attend an opening weekend showing of a film are also considered deeply devoted movie fans, early adopters of technology and influential opinion leaders.

Watch the full trailer here:

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