SFC Yonghua Cinema City Opens China’s Second Onyx Theatre

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Tue, 04/09/2019 - 12:28 -- Nick Dager

SFC Yonghua Cinema City has become the second facility in China to open a Samsung Onyx theatre. Local technology provider Ace Film & TV installed JBL Sculpted Surround cinema speakers and Crown networked power amplifiers. SFC Yonghua Cinema City is the first cinema in China to feature intelligent networked audio solutions across the entire facility.

SFC Yonghua Cinema City has become the second facility in China to open a Samsung Onyx theatre.“It is a privilege to help SFC Yonghua Cinema City become among the first to install a next-generation Samsung Onyx screen, and we appreciate the expertise and customer service provided by Ace Film & TV,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, vice president and general manager of Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “Perfectly integrated with an innovative all-Harman audio solution, the Onyx Cinema Solution reproduces today’s dynamic soundtracks with stunning clarity and detail. As an industry leader of professional audio, control, and lighting products, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Samsung and provide audiences with greater viewing choices and promote the development of the film industry as a whole.”

A custom Harman audio system including JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers and BSS signal processing utilizes virtual sound field technologies to deliver an immersive audiovisual experience. In addition to the custom Harman system in the Samsung Onyx theatre the Ace team outfitted ten additional rooms at SFC Yonghua Cinema City with JBL speakers, including 9400 series cinema surround speakers. Combining JBL Image Control Technology and new asymmetric wave-shaping techniques, the 9400 surround speaker distributes studio quality sound with pattern control that is perfectly sculpted to each theatre’s unique room geometry, providing full coverage with clarity and precision.

Ace used Crown CDi DriveCore series amplifiers to power and network each room’s system, giving SFC Yonghua Cinema City total control and real-time monitoring of every speaker in the facility via PC, tablet or mobile device. The full adoption of CDi DriveCore series amplifiers makes the theatre the first-of-its-kind in China, providing an excellent model of smart cinema management for other theatres to follow.

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