WCPMedia Supports MIA for Third Year in a Row

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Tue, 10/24/2017 - 15:44 -- Nick Dager

For the third straight year, Italy’s Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo has selected WCPMedia Services’ cloud-based media management platform to manage film, television, documentary and gaming content. Relied on by festivals, studios and broadcasters worldwide, WCPMedia Services provided a fast and simple way for producers and distributors to submit projects to MIA and share them, securely, with potential buyers both at the market and around the globe.

WCPMedia Services president Cristina Molinari, left, with MIA director Lucia Milazzotto.Rome’s MIA has quickly become the largest and most anticipated audiovisual market event in Italy. This year’s event drew more than 1,800 accredited participants from 58 countries and featured some 120 films and 45 projects. It was the market’s most successful outing yet with organizers estimating that more than 60,000 meetings occurred between buyers and sellers over the event’s four days.

“MIA is a very structured and innovative market for the international and domestic industry, situated in the wonderful Rome corniche of Palazzo Barberini and Mercati Traianei,” said MIA director Lucia Milazzotto. “The number of meetings and deals was well beyond expectations, and the quality of the participants was outstanding. MIA has become an essential market not only for Europe, but also for the U.S.”

WCPMedia Services is changing the way film markets and sellers do business. It’s no longer necessary to hunt for slots to host market screenings or to send DVDs to distributors and buyers around the world.  Instead, sellers upload content to a cloud database, and then configure flexible, private and password-protected screening rooms accessible to invited buyers, journalists and others. Buyers can watch content at their convenience via a laptop, tablet or mobile device and register their interest. Sellers, meanwhile, can monitor interest through the platforms’ detailed reports. The service also marks a leap forward in security as copying is protected and watermarked during upload.

“Participants who lack time to attend screenings can view content at their convenience and prioritize meetings,” said Milazzotto. “WCPMedia’s virtual screening room allows participants to screen content both before and after the market. It’s a great tool to finalize deals and avoid missing opportunities.”

WCPMedia Services provided MIA with improved means for organizing and controlling content. Interactions between buyers and sellers are more efficient. Additionally, the platform collects data that can help spur sales. “Sales agents know who has seen the film and when they watched it,” Milazzotto said. “You can immediately gauge the interest level and take action.”

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