Screenvision Now Working with Strata Software

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Fri, 07/21/2017 - 13:44 -- Nick Dager

Screenvision Media has announced that it is now working with Strata, makers of advertising buying and selling software. The integration allows buyers to view movie theater ad opportunities offered by Screenvision Media as local spot buys in Strata's systems.

Screenvision Media is measured by Nielsen, and averages a weekly total audience of 8.9 million across all demographics, reaching a 4.9 average weekly rating for the key A18-49 demographic. Screenvision Media operates in all 50 states and 94 percent of domestic markets with 14,600 screens in more than 2,300 theaters nationwide.

The integration creates a major opportunity for Strata's 1,200-plus agencies to advertise on Screenvision Media's national network. Opportunities include advertising within the Screenvision Media-produced Front + Center pre-show, including local and community programming blocks. Strata's agencies will also have access to Screenvision Media's creative studio, 40 Foot Solutions. The studio creates specialized content and has produced branded spots for leading brands, such as General Mills, LG, State Farm and Volvo.

"Cinema has clearly expanded from a traditional out-of-home buy into premium video. If you're buying TV or digital how could you not consider the biggest screen for audience extension? Since there is no worrying about ad skipping or bots, cinema is as premium as it gets," said Judd Rubin, senior vice president at Strata. "By working with Screenvision, we're making access to premium video effective for local and regional spot buyers."

"Strata enables the unrivaled impact of the most memorable impression in media to be more easily accessible to local and regional buyers through positioning cinema as spot TV," said Katy Loria, chief revenue officer, Screenvision Media. "Given the fragmentation of the media landscape driving erosion of TV ratings, cinema has proven its incremental reach as audience replacement for national broadcast and cable TV. Strata will ensure that spot TV buyers will be able to enjoy the same benefits."

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