Cinelive Signs with Kencast to Offer New Services to Latin American Cinemas

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Tue, 12/17/2013 - 16:27 -- Nick Dager

Cinelive has signed with KenCast to implement the Digital Cinema Package delivery format to the more than 150 movie theaters that are already part of Cinelive’s network. KenCast’s DCDC delivery system CinemaPro enables delivery of very large movie files and live events, and includes simultaneous recording for time-shifting with its DVR features, allowing delivery to multiple screens, as well as recording of events for later play out.

“The system was tested in Brazil and some theaters already have KenCast servers. The signing of this agreement will triple the speed of distribution and establish us as leaders in Latin America,” said Laudson Diniz, Cinelive executive manager.

Today Cinelive has more than 150 equipped cinemas in about 40 cities. With this coverage the company is present in over 60 percent of theaters that have digital projectors in Brazil. Cinema networks like Cinemark, Cinepolis, UCI and Kinoplex, which together represent 75 percent of the market are fully equipped and, until March 2014, may receive the DCP movies by satellite. Cinelive’s goal is to equip 100 percent of the digital circuit next year.

According to Cinelive’s executive manager, the company’s model will be taken to theaters throughout Latin America through partnerships with local operations in each country. “We accumulated know-how for three years. Now we have all the experience and resources to expand the technology with the same efficiency as the DCDC has been implementing in the USA”, said Diniz.

Bill Steele, chairman & CEO of KenCast said, “We are pleased to become a part of the cinema distribution solution for Cinelive, the well-known distributor of films and live content from Latin American and Hollywood studios to Latin American theaters.  This puts Cinelive on the same technology roadmap with the DCDC platform as adopted in the USA and worldwide by the largest exhibitors and major studios.”

"The realization of an old dream, which started in 2000 with the first digital transmissions by satellite to cinemas, materializes with the repertoire of hits of live events and DCP distribution for the entire market," said Alex Pimentel, founder and president of Cinelive and Casablanca Online.