LG Talks Cinema and Future Plans

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Tue, 07/07/2020 - 10:15 -- Nick Dager

Showtime Cinemas in Taiwan installed the first LG LED Cinema screen in January.Last month LG Electronics officially confirmed that it has entered the cinema market with its LG LED Cinema Display technology. The company further announced that Showtime Cinemas in Taiwan had installed the first LG LED Cinema screen. The screen is 14 meters wide and seven meters high and has been certified by the Digital Cinema Initiatives. LG and Dolby Laboratories closely collaborated to integrate Dolby’s IMS3000 Integrated Media Server and Dolby Atmos sound into the new cinema system. I recently spoke via email with Jin An, product manager for LG LED Cinema products, to learn more about the technology and LG’s plans for the cinema market.

Digital Cinema Report: How long have your worked at LG Electronics?

Jin An: I have been with LG Electronics now for more than 10 years, involved in several innovative product launches. The Cinema LED market is a perfect example of matching LG’s advanced technology with exciting new market opportunities.

DCR: What went into the decision-making process leading LG to enter the cinema market?

JA: LG was looking for market segments where we could leverage our extensive experience in developing high-quality displays in new, demanding markets. The cinema experience must provide absolutely premiere image and sound quality for theatergoers, so it’s a perfect fit with our recently developed direct-view display technology. LG, as a long-time display manufacturer, can differentiate itself from the competition because the cinema market requires video technical experience and substantial resources.   

DCR: How and when was your relationship with Dolby established?

LG was looking for market segments where we could leverage our extensive experience in developing high-quality displays in new, demanding markets.JA: LG and Dolby have been in productive partnership for many years in the area of Dolby Vision and Atmos on LG TVs. When LG decided to enter the cinema market in 2017, Dolby was the first choice to work with and IMB-related collaboration was confirmed later that year. LG is also proud collaborating with Dolby on bringing Atmos immersive sound to the direct-view cinema market.

DCR: How long has your screen been installed in Showtime Cinema in Taiwan and what has been the response?

JA: The LG LED Cinema screen in Taiwan has been showing movies since January and the reception has been very positive, even during the pandemic.

DCR: Are there any other sales that you can discuss at this time?

JA: Even though the pandemic has negatively impacted the cinema industry, LG is talking to many exhibitors around the world.

DCR: How does your LED cinema screen differ from the Samsung Onyx?

JA: Both use similar LED display technology, but at LG we are focusing on the best system solution, taking into consideration the practical needs of exhibitors. Our system includes full integration with the Dolby IMS3000 media block, multiple options for the highest-quality sound system, easy maintenance, and low total cost of ownership. LG LED Cinema is optimized for the current digital cinema environment and delivers the highest picture quality, especially in dark area and overall contrast ratio, although specific figures are confidential for competitive reasons.

DCR: You currently offer a 14-meter screen. What are your plans regarding offering larger screens?

JA: LG is closely listening to customers and monitoring the market with plans to introduce additional sizes that offer advanced options to meet the specific requirements of the cinema market down the road.

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