Buhotec Enters the Cinema Market

Wed, 02/07/2024 - 11:54 -- Nick Dager

Buhotec is a family-owned company based in Miami, Florida founded in 2021 by Manuel Arana and Alejandro Gallo. Until this year, the company and its 26 employees had been strictly focused on the gaming business and it claims to be Florida’s number on gaming distributor. This year, however, Buhotec, which is a full-service technology provider and systems integrator, is entering the cinema business. Last year was the company’s most profitable year ever and it believes now is the right time to leverage that success and its experience in gaming to make the move into cinema. I recently spoke via email with Paula B. Silveira, Buhotec’s head of cinema sales, the person responsible for spearheading Buhotec's expansion into the cinema industry and fostering strategic partnerships with industry leaders. Here is that conversation.

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