Regal Opens New 4DX and ScreenX Auditoriums

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Mon, 07/29/2019 - 11:37 -- Nick Dager

Regal is opening a total of three new 4DX and four ScreenX auditoriums across multiple markets in the U.S bringing the exhibitor’s current count to 21 and 20, respectively. All of the installations are expected to be completed by the end of this month. The locations include:

Edwards Irvine Spectrum 4DX, ScreenX, Irvine, California

Regal Natomas 4DX, ScreenX, Sacramento, California

Regal UA Denver Pavilions 4DX, Denver, Colorado

Regal Dole Cannery ScreenX, Honolulu, Hawaii

Regal Natomas ScreenX, Sacramento, California

Regal Jewel ScreenX, Waco, Texas

Regal Kingstowne ScreenX, Alexandria, Virginia

“We are thrilled in the expansion of 4DX and ScreenX across the U.S with Regal who have been a great partner to us in sharing common goals for innovation,” said CJ 4DPlex CEO JongRyul Kim. “As we grow across the U.S., we look forward to bringing more of these unparalleled cinematic experiences to new cities and audiences.”

“We are truly excited to be expanding our partnership with CJ 4DPlex in bringing more 4DX and ScreenX locations across the U.S,” said Ken Thewes, CMO at Regal. “The feedback we are receiving from moviegoers has been enormously positive and as the only major exhibition partner where movie fans can enjoy these immersive experiences, we look forward to rapidly growing the number of 4DX and ScreenX locations at Regal in the years to come.”