Manasa Theatre, Bangalore, India Installs Barco Auro 11.1 Digital Cinema Sound

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Tue, 07/23/2013 - 15:56 -- Nick Dager

Manasa Theatre, one of the most renowned digital cinemas in Bangalore, has installed the Auro 11.1 by Barco immersive sound platform in its UltraScreen auditorium. Already an institution in India’s progressive cinema sector, the theatre is taking the lead in the current trend of choosing state-of-the-art technology to offer the best possible cinema experience.

Active in the exhibition field for over 50 years, Manasa Theatre has a reputation for providing the best possible cinema experience to its visitors, through great images, comfort and sound.

“Human beings are stimulated by both sound and pictures,” says Abel Garamhegyi, managing director at Barco India. “That’s why, at Barco, we strive for perfection in both, in order to create a complete and immersive movie experience. With Auro 11.1, we have managed to achieve maximum results in immersive sound at an affordable price. The figures don’t lie: ticket office results have shown that bookings for films screened in Barco Auro 11.1 are much higher than the standard 5.1. This proves that it can be a very powerful tool to make the difference in an increasingly competitive market.”

Sails Raj, sound engineer, G.M. Audio installed the new sound platform.

“As a technology pioneer, we want to make sure that the Bangalore crowd always gets the best possible experience while watching blockbusters in our theatre,” says Janardhan Reddy, managing director at Manasa Bangalore. “So, naturally, we were very pleased with Auro 11.1. Adding a height layer and an overhead layer to the traditional surround sound layer enables studio sound mixers to move objects around in space, really create a life-like, acoustic experience. Moreover, the system is fully compatible with our existing audio equipment and current workflows. We are very impressed with the results.”