MAG Cinema Launches Slim-Class Subwoofers

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Thu, 10/20/2016 - 12:33 -- Nick Dager

MAG Cinema has unveiled two new extra slim and ultra-powerful cinema subwoofers: the 350mm slim V-Sub with an 18-inch driver and the dual 18-inch W-Sub with 400mm depth.

The MAG Cinema dual 18-inch W-Sub with 400mm depth.The subwoofers have been designed as high-performance vented cabinets with significantly reduced depth to fit even the most difficult installations behind the cinema screen. The cabinets are tightly braced to provide optimal low frequency reproduction for today’s demanding cinema sound requirements.

“With the growing desire to more effectively use all available cinema space, for example, boothless cinemas, we decided to adapt our speaker design accordingly while maintaining our renowned superior sound quality,” said Alexander Khasin, CEO of MAG Audio. “These new subwoofers represent MAG’s leadership in constantly innovating and improving cinema sound technology.”

The new line of low-depth specialized cinema subwoofers is available and ready to ship today.

MAG Cinema