Lightspeed Design Receives U.S. Patent

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Mon, 12/05/2016 - 11:37 -- Nick Dager

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Lightspeed Design U.S. Patent No. 9,494,805 “stereoscopic light recycling device” for its DepthQ CineBright 3D high brightness passive polarization product.

Chris Ward, president of Lightspeed Design said, “The issue of this patent validates the unique design of our DepthQ CineBright product and establishes it as a legitimate alternative for theater owners who want to present royalty-free, high-brightness, high-quality 3D. Our innovative invention brings renewed competition to the U.S. cinema market, where to date alternative suppliers of high-brightness polarization have been barred from entering or being sold in the U.S. Lightspeed Design thanks and recognizes the critical support of our long time liquid crystal supplier LC-Tec Displays AB whose patented and precisely manufactured fast-switching polarization technology plays an important role in supporting our now patented product.”

DepthQ CineBright is a high-brightness passive polarization solution for 3D digital cinema. The system delivers a dramatically brighter 3D image for a cinema’s guests while maintaining DepthQ's superior optics, speed, sharp focus, low-crosstalk, advanced heat protection and five-year optical warranty. In the key intellectual property territories of Canada and the European Union, CineBright includes patented and patent-pending technologies: CA 2907565A1, EP 2959341A1.

The DepthQ CineBright 3D high brightness passive polarization product is also covered by worldwide intellectual property insurance through Lloyd's cover holder, Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation. The minimum one million dollar policy was only made available after an extensive and sophisticated legal analysis, reviewed by independent third party intellectual property experts.

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