Ideal Home Screened Using Nagra’s myCinema, a First

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Mon, 09/17/2018 - 11:49 -- Nick Dager

Last summer, Emagine Entertainment showed the first-run movie Ideal Home starring Paul Rudd at its Royal Oak Cinema in Detroit using Nagra’s myCinema technology. “This is the first-time audiences have enjoyed a feature length film leveraging advanced digital compression technology via Nagra-secured myCinema theater premise equipment,” said Jean-Luc Jezouin, Nagra’s senior vice president business development. “The plug-and-play experience of the myCinema solution offers a significant leap in digital cinema distribution technology, alleviating enormous costs experienced with traditional digital cinema prints.”

Ideal Home screened using Nagra’s myCinema, a first“Since the successful launch of myCinema at CinemaCon 2018, Nagra has licensed dozens of myCinema exhibition partners, representing more than 200 cinema properties,” said Jezouin. “To complete this exciting new era of technological innovation we have licensed the cinematic distribution rights for first-run movies, alternative content, foreign language films, esports, live play, opera and other offerings.  This new cloud-based distribution system offers an innovative way forward delivering tangible ROI for theaters from a continually growing database of content.”

myCinema enables owners and operators to schedule and promote music events, sporting events, opera, ballet, Broadway, first-run independent film, re-releases of some of the best known and beloved film franchises, cinematic TV, eSports, content from around the globe, and more.

myCinema is ramping up its content portfolio and currently accepting bookings for an extensive content line-up, which includes The Landing, an award-winning science fiction thriller about the Apollo 18 crash, and a trio of Spanish-language films.