Guitammer Cinema Sees Dramatic Sales Increase in 2016

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Tue, 01/10/2017 - 10:49 -- Nick Dager

The Guitammer Company added more than 11,300 new ButtKicker equipped cinema seats for 57 new auditoriums in 2016, a 475 percent increase from 2015. Worldwide there are now more than 20,000 ButtKicker enabled seats in over 105 cinema auditoriums.

In 2016 57 new ButtKicker enabled cinema auditoriums with over 11,300 individual seats were installed compared to 12 auditoriums and over 2,500 seats in 2015.

Guitammer forecasts continued strong growth for 2017. By the end of January, Guitammer expects to ship ButtKicker products for 1,000 seats in five new auditoriums. In addition to the January shipments, the company has a growing backlog that currently totals over 8,400 seats for 40 more auditoriums, waiting for 2017 ship dates.

“We’re now experiencing exponential growth in the cinema market,“ said Guitammer president Mark A. Luden. “And, 2017 is looking to be an even better year and we expect to end the year with well over 30,000 ButtKicker enabled seats deployed in over 150 auditoriums.”

The Guitammer Company