Goldcrest Post Holding One-Night Workshop to Demystify Film Delivery

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Thu, 01/16/2020 - 10:33 -- Nick Dager

In an intensive, one-night-only workshop, Goldcrest Post and CinePointe Advisors will teach filmmakers everything they need to know about delivering their projects for cinema, streaming and broadcast. The event will provide a complete overview of the film delivery process, encompassing evolving technical requirements, complex legal considerations and essential project management skills. Participants will learn how to save time and money, while ensuring their deliverables conform to the latest industry standards. Titled Demystifying Film Delivery: What Every Producer Should Know, this can’t miss workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5th at Goldcrest Post in Manhattan.


In an intensive, one-night-only workshop, Goldcrest Post and CinePointe Advisors will teach filmmakers everything they need to know about delivering their projects for cinema, streaming and broadcast.Delivery is the crucial, final step in preparing films for distribution, and yet it is often treated as an afterthought in budgeting and workflows. “Selling a film to a distributor is only half the battle,” says Goldcrest Post head of production Gretchen McGowan. “Along with the contract, distributors typically hand producers lists of required deliverables that may be dozens of pages long. Producers need to understand what deliverables entail, what can be negotiated, and how they can be fulfilled without causing havoc to their budgets.”

The workshop’s first session will review the business and legal aspects of film delivery. Stacey Smith of CinePointe Advisors will explain delivery terminology, breakdown an actual delivery schedule, discuss how to negotiate the terms of delivery, and provide guidance to avoid common pitfalls in legal and document delivery.

The workshop’s second half, led by Goldcrest Post’s McGowan and managing director Domenic Rom, will center on the increasingly complex technical details of delivery. It will feature an explanation of the varying delivery specs required by theaters, streaming services and broadcast services.  The session will also provide hands-on demonstrations and tips on how to deliver projects on time and on budget.

A business and financial affairs advisor at CinePointe Advisors, Smith works with producers to provide smooth, timely and cost-effective delivery, and maximize revenue throughout the distribution cycle. Her more than 20 years of experience as a producer and business executive includes a 16-year association with director Jim Jarmusch.

She oversaw financing, production, delivery and distribution of several of Jarmusch’s films including Coffee and CigarettesThe Limits of Control and Broken Flowers (winner of the Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix du Jury).

McGowan leads narrative and documentary film production for Goldcrest Films. Recent projects include Todd Haynes’ Carol, Bill Monahan and Atlas Entertainment’s Mojave, The Tea Shop’s Slumber, Braveart Films’ Carrie Pilby and the upcoming Australian war film Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan. 

Prior to joining Goldcrest, McGowan produced more than 25 films as an independent producer and for Mark Cuban’s HDNet Films, Open City Films and Blow Up Pictures. In 2014, she received two Emmy Award nominations for her work on the HBO documentary, Which Way Is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington.

A longtime fixture of New York’s post-production community, Rom oined Goldcrest Post in 2019. As managing director, he is responsible for overall operations, strategic vision and growth planning. He previously served as president and general manager of Deluxe TV Post Production Services, following a tenure as managing director of Deluxe, New York. He served as senior vice president at Technicolor Creative Services for three years, and was an executive at PostWorks for 11 years.

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