Finnkino Media Selects Unique Digital Cinema Advertising Software

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Thu, 11/21/2013 - 11:45 -- Nick Dager

Finnkino Oy has selected Advertising Accord software developed by Unique Digital to drive their full conversion to DCP pre-show management and distribution, making Finnkino Media the only cinema advertising company in Finland. The new technology will enable them to supply pre-show content to 20 cinemas and 113 screens accounting for over 80 percent of the box-office admissions in the country.

Finnkino Media is a wholly owned part of the Nordic Cinema Group, owning the country’s leading chain of cinemas Finnkino and also operates cinemas in several Baltic countries.

Advertising Accord provides all the tools necessary to manage clients, campaigns and a complete post-to-screen distribution service. Key features include scheduling to individual showing level, on-site screen swap, multiple content block provision and is designed with integration to other data feeds allowing for assimilation of numerous data sources, for example Admissions & Movie Schedule. The application is offered as an SaaS solution accessible through a GUI via any browser on PC or tablet.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with Unique Digital’s own RosettaBridge TMS, the addition of a MovieTransit client per site allows Advertising Accord to also integrate directly with all makes of current digital cinema TMS and Server systems thus providing automated pre-show playlist building per show. 

Several trial sites have been implemented successfully and full deployment across the entire Finnkino estate will be completed by the end of the year.

“We have long been aware of Unique’s technical competence in this area and long history of delivering fully integrated digital advertising solutions and following a successful trial of Unique’s Advertising Accord solution delivering content and schedules to several of our key customer sites we are delighted to be rolling out the solution across our entire estate,” said Janne Uusi-Kölli, development manager, Finnkino Oy. “We are looking forward to building on this new relationship and exploring other products and solutions offered by Unique such as Basekey and MovieTransit since they all integrate together and would thus provide significant benefits to us.”

“Finnkino Media will become the leading cinema advertising company in the region and we look forward to working with them on this conversion to nationwide DCP pre-show distribution,” said Rod Wheeler, sales and marketing director of Unique Digital. “Our Advertising Accord solution is now responsible for managing and delivering the pre-show content for over 8,500 screens in Europe and is operated by the all the market leading cinema agencies in the Scandinavian, UK and Irish markets.“