Empire Cinemas Installs MasterImage 3D

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Wed, 01/21/2015 - 13:03 -- Nick Dager

Empire Cinemas has installed MasterImage 3D in their flagship Empire Leicester Square and the new Walthamstow multiplex. This continued partnership allows Empire to standardize on MasterImage 3D recyclable eyewear across all of their theatres.

“Five years ago, we installed our first 3D system with MasterImage 3D, and our customers have thoroughly enjoyed the immersive presentation and sharp 3D images,” said Justin Ribbons, CEO of Empire Cinemas. “Whether we are refurbishing The Empire Leicester Square or opening state-of-the-art new theatres like Walthamstow, we look to MasterImage 3D as our 3D partner to outfit our ever-changing needs.”

The Empire Leicester Square features a mix of systems, which include the dual-projection, Dual3D, and several Wave3Ds for smaller screens that benefit from ease-of-installation. As part of Empire’s continued refurbishment program, they are outfitting the large-format main auditorium with MasterImage 3D’s Dual3D to play on their immersive Impact screen for maximum light-efficiency and a premium experience.

The new-build Walthamstow site features the latest Horizon3D system and the Wave3D. The contemporary theatres with wide-screen, auditorium seating equipped the Horizon3D for its industry-leading 33 percent light-efficiency and 0.8 low-throw ratio.

Andre Mort, technical director of Empire Cinemas said, “When managing a chain of theatres with a range of needs, we selected a 3D partner that can balance technology quality and system flexibility. A one-size-fits-all approach just won’t cut it.”

“When you go see a 3D movie at any Empire theatre, you know that it is going to be a great experience,” said Adam MacDonald, European director of MasterImage 3D. “It is an honor to be the 3D system provider to an organization like Empire Cinema that is so committed to the absolute best in digital cinema.”

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