Doremi Supplies Technology to Cannes Film Festival for 11th Straight Year

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Sat, 06/08/2013 - 12:45 -- Nick Dager

Doremi was once again technical partner of the Cannes Film Festival, marking its eleventh successive year of involvement for the world-famous event. The company supplied digital cinema servers throughout the Festival.

Doremi supplied more digital cinema servers than ever before, with a total of sixty installed for both the competition screenings and the Film Market. The company worked in conjunction with the Commission Supérieure Technique de l'Image et du Son to reliably deliver the highest quality screenings for the expert industry audience.

“We are always very proud to be involved in the Festival de Cannes,” said Patrick Zucchetta, European director of Doremi. “This year was a total success and on a large scale. The Festival strives for the highest technical standards and its confidence in our products is also confirmed by our partners, emphasising the quality and reliability of Doremi’s solutions.”

Alain Besse, responsable secteur diffusion CST said, “We knew Doremi would do an excellent job for the Festival. Even with movies from all over the world, in 2K and 4K, everything worked perfectly. This is a testament to the strength and quality of the DCI standards and ISO standards, the equipment and the people supporting it.”

Behind the scenes, the CST have managed a partnership with Eclair Group to provide technical repairs of DCPs supplied for the Film Market, using a Doremi Rapid mastering station, a CineAsset mastering solution and a DCP-2000 player for reviews.

Frantz Delbecque, director R&D and new technologies at Éclair said, “We rely on Doremi. They were the first to meet DCI standards and to receive certification. They also understand what’s needed in digital cinema and provide very practical tools to get the job done.”