4DX Signs First Theatre in Turkey, Second in Switzerland

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Mon, 11/30/2015 - 13:09 -- Nick Dager

CJ 4DPlex has announced 4DX auditoriums with Mars Cinema Group in Turkey and an expansion of its deal with Arena Cinemas in Switzerland and Cineworld in the UK.

CJ 4DPlex brought the first 4DX theatre to Turkey on November 20, as part of a partnership with Mars Cinema Group announced earlier this year. Mars Cinema Group, the No.1 multiplex chain in Turkey, operates 77 cinemas and 686 screens in 30 cities. Cinemaximum Marmara Forum, with the first 4DX theatre in the country, is located in Marmara Forum Shopping Mall, a densely populated area with easy access from any point in Istanbul.

“We are very pleased with the initial customer responses for the opening title, The Hunger Games:Mockingjay - Part 2,” said Kurt Rieder, CEO of Mars Cinema Group. “With this opening, Mars Cinema Group will solidify its position as a pioneer in the cinema exhibition business, delivering this unprecedentedly immersive experience to the Turkish moviegoers. We have already started our discussion on roll-out locations considering not only the European side but also the Asian side of Istanbul."

That same weekend, Switzerland opened its second 4DX auditorium at Arena Cinemas Zurich on November 19, after the country’s first 4DX cinema opened in Geneva in early March 2015. Arena Cinemas Geneva has been showing a remarkable performance, with over 50 percent average occupancy rate from its first opening till now. Even more, Jurassic World was a big hit in 4DX with almost 70 percent and Furious 7 recorded nearly 80 percent occupancy rate throughout 5 weeks of screening.

In the UK – which saw the successful opening of its first 4DX theatre, Cineworld Milton Keynes, in January this year, demonstrating more than 60 percent average occupancy rate in the first half of 2015 – Cineworld has recently rolled out additional 4DX theatres. Cineworld Sheffield opened last month and, more recently, Cineworld Crawley on November 19.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, the Hollywood action blockbuster film, is the most recent success story for 4DX. It recorded almost 70 percent occupancy rate in Cineworld Sheffield and 75 percent of occupancy rate in Cineworld Crawley in the first screening weekend; and nearly 100 percent occupancy rate in Arena Cinemas Zurich.

As of November, 4DX has been operating in more than 10 countries across Europe – from Hungary and Poland to the UK, Switzerland and Turkey. As an advocate of the movie industry, 4DX aims to spur gradual expansion throughout the Europe, building solid relationships with European Theatre exhibitors.

CJ 4DPlex http://www.cj4dx.com 

Cineworld Group http://www.cineworld.com