Megabox Installs Barco Laser Projection

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Tue, 09/20/2016 - 12:17 -- Nick Dager

Megabox has installed a Barco flagship DP4K-60L laser projector in its new full premium auditorium. Megabox has installed a Barco flagship DP4K-60L laser projector in its new full premium auditorium. Megabox, one of the leading multiplexes operating 550 screens in the Republic of Korea, is opening the first premium auditorium in Starfield Hanam — the largest shopping mall complex in the country. The auditorium also includes a 22-meter wide Harkness Clarus silver screen.

When Megabox became the first 4K-cinema circuit in the country, its most crucial goal was to discover how to deliver the finest in image quality to its loyal audiences. “We are dedicated to offering the audience the very best,” said Youlgu Lee, strategic operations senior manager at Megabox. “This is why we decided on Barco’s flagship laser projector and the Harkness Clarus screen with Horizon 3D Plus from Masterimage.” 

“The space and the technical backbone of the auditorium keep changing,” added Hongsik Jung, technical engineering senior manager at Megabox. “Easier and flexible installation, combined with easy system integration, are therefore key. Barco definitely meets our needs in every area.”

“We are so proud of Megabox Starfield, our new full premium auditorium,” said Jinsun Kim, Megabox CEO. “This auditorium expresses our commitment to deliver the full premium cinema experience, by completely redesigning the environment. We are convinced that Barco’s flagship laser projector will play a key role in the superior cinema experience.”

“We are very pleased that Barco’s flagship laser projector is at the core of the Megabox Premium Auditorium,” said Stijn Henderickx, vice president of cinema at Barco. “We expect to support forward-thinking exhibitors like Megabox with these projectors, as they offer a unique combination of superior image quality, unmatched 3D brightness and low TCO while enabling simplified operations and no lamp replacements.”