Audiences Upbeat About LightVibes

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Thu, 06/30/2016 - 13:19 -- Nick Dager

More than 80 percent of the moviegoers who have experienced Philips LightVibes had a positive response.More than 80 percent of the moviegoers who have experienced Philips LightVibes had a positive response, according to a recent survey conducted by the company. The news was part of a presentation that Niels Van Duinen, general manager of Philips LightVibes gave earlier this month at CineEurope in Barcelona. The news was included in remarks that Van Duinen made at the Event Cinema Association’s reception. He was giving those present an update about Philips LightVibes Surround Cinema Lighting news and developments since the group’s last gathering at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

Van Duinen said his company surveyed more than a thousand moviegoers about their LightVibes experience and more than 80 percent had a positive response. “Results like these are unheard-of in the industry,” he said. “They truly confirm the potential of LightVibes to impact ticket prices and sales by enhancing the event cinema experience.”

“We’re working with innovative creators of content, including Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors Live, a great concert film enhanced with LightVibes,” Van Duinen said.

“Philips LightVibes is a superb cinema innovation that adds an extra dimension of sensory experience and immersion in the cinema, making it more personal and special,” said Dick Carruthers, the world-renowned music video and film director behind the film. “For this film, we worked with Moment Factory, leading media and entertainment studio and stage show designer.”

Van Duinen continued, “Our list of LightVibes-enhanced music titles now includes Peter Gabriel, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney – and the latest release: Queen Rock Montreal. We have five full-length titles available now, with three more still scheduled for 2016 and a commitment to launch another eight-plus titles in 2017. We are collaborating with Avi-drome, the leading Dutch post-production house, to expand post-production capacity and produce new exciting films in the LightVibes format. And we will also enable LightVibes for opera, theater, and other classical genres in early 2017, for both live streaming and encore showings.”

Van Duinen said his company has boosted the technical performance of the LightVibes system with major upgrades of our lighting fixtures and improved video rendering capabilities. In addition they added innovative new locations to the global network of LightVibes cinemas, including the Downtown Independent Theater (Los Angeles) and Natlab (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

“These locations let us continue to explore and innovate, developing new forms of art, expression and experience,” he said. “We’ve been creating exciting events, such as our recent collaboration with Disney Music for the Star Wars Headspace Electronic Dance Album launch and more. Collaborating with leading studios, we are preparing consumer testing of full-length animated and feature films at selected pilot sites. More details to come, but we will be inviting you to experience new genres soon.”

Philips LightVibes was awarded a Digital Cinema Report Catalyst Award as one of the best new technologies introduced at CinemaCon 2015.

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