Zentropa Installs Clipster for Digital Cinema Post Work

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Thu, 08/12/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Zentropa the largest film production company in Denmark has installed a DVS Clipster. Film director Lars von Trier founded the company. The Clipster will complete the infrastructure of Zentropa’s own digital cinema post-production capabilities. Lars Dela technical director at Zentropa says  We are impressed with Clipster's multifunctionality and versatility. We carry out all essential steps to the finished DCP check the DPX files edit RAW material in real-time and apply Clipster for HD Mastering. On Lars von Trier's latest project Melancholia RAW data from the Phantom camera is being processed on DVS's DI workstation: it is incredibly fast reliable and definitely more than a one trick pony. Ernst-Joerg Oberhoessel sales director region Western Europe at DVS says  Zentropa is the largest film production corporation in Scandinavia and is renowned for its success creativity and artistic quality. We have been partners for many years now resulting in a Clipster installation. Our DI workstation paves the way for Digital Cinema Packages that theatres require for digital projection: Zentropa can now fulfil this demand for all its films worldwide. Zentropa www.zentropa.dk