Women in Exhibition Make an Appearance at ECM19

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Thu, 11/21/2019 - 09:16 -- Nick Dager

Earlier this year the non-profit organization Women in Exhibition was formed to become a worthwhile resource for every woman in exhibition by offering positive mentoring programs, educational and support activities and to assist with both existing and transitional career opportunities. This week, two of WIE’s executive committee and founding members spoke at the second annual Emerging Cinema Markets Conference, which is wrapping up today at the Grand Tarabya Hotel in Istanbul. 

The new trade association Women in Exhibition made an appearance at ECM19.Debbie Standford-Kristiansen, CEO of Novo Cinemas, with a prominent network of theatres in Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emeritus and who spoke at ECM18’s inaugural event, offered her insights on developing strategic partnerships, the purpose of creating alternative content opportunities and how advanced technologies are changing the trajectory of traditional movie-going.

Also contributing to the innovative discussion was Mariam El Bacha, CEO of Cinepax in Pakistan, who helped to create one of the most formidable brands and the first national multiplex chains in the region.  With a presence in nine cities and 13 cinema locations for a total of 45 screens across Pakistan, El Bacha and her teams have been dedicated to providing the best guest experience by becoming a favorite family entertainment cinema venue.

“Women in Exhibition was founded to fulfill the need for an important platform where women can connect, interact and support the development of an industry in need of re-evaluating the many paradigms in a growing exhibition world,” says El Bacha.  “Our aim is to reach a global network of women and, with that, to influence those ladies who in the past shy away from the cinema industry – the goal is for everyone to share the gameboard and to make our industry a thriving all-inclusive force.”

Examining the most emergent continental markets, the three-day forum focused on its host nation, Turkey, Africa with special highlights on Nigeria, Central Asia, the Middle East and New Europe (former Soviet states and Balkans). These combined territories account for more than 1.7 billion people and currently operate approximately 6,850 screens. 

ECM19 was organized by Digital Cinema Solutions Events in association with The Big Picture.