Waterfront Studios Offers Lens-to-Finish Digital Cinema Production Package

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Thu, 04/30/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

South Africa’s Waterfront Studios in partnership with Cinegate and Take 2 Films has developed a lens-to-finish digital cinema production package aimed at the under-R3 million-feature film production market. The three film industry suppliers are committed to supporting sustainable growth of quality South African feature films and recognize that independent filmmakers are critical to this process. The package includes: A four-week rental of a Red One or SI2K camera kit complete with lenses and all camera accessories An on-set digital imaging technician (DIT) and equipment All data handling for post 10-weeks of FCP or Avid offline suite hire A full uncompressed 2K digital intermediate grade and finish 5.1 surround as well as stereo audio mix Restrictions to shooting ratio apply and while an HD digital master is included as well as a backup of the uncompressed master 2K data all tape and sound deliverables need to be specified and added to the package. The major advantage of an all-in-one package apart from the potential cost savings is the continuity in technical knowledge and support provided from the first day of the shoot to the last day of the grade. The risks associated with this new technology managing the data on set and ensuring a hassle free post experience are reduced to an absolute minimum. The package is heavily discounted and is only available for local South African feature films with a maximum budget of R3-million.