Warner Bros. Signs Deployment Agreement with Key Taiwanese Exhibitors

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Thu, 01/13/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Warner Bros. Pictures International has entered into digital deployment agreements directly with several key cinema circuits in Taiwan. Under agreements with Showtime Cinemas Miramar WV Cinemas Cinemark-Core Pacific and Ambassador Theatres WBPI will supply digital feature films to DCI–compliant digital projection systems installed by these circuits. The Studio will make financial contributions towards their recoupment. The announcement was made jointly today by Tom Molter senior vice president distribution WBPI; Willy Liao vice president Showtime Cinemas; Shih-Chen Huang president Miramar WV Cinemas; Jack Chen general manager Cinemark–Core Pacific; and Joe Chang president Ambassador Theaters. We’re thrilled to work with our partners at Showtime Cinemas Miramar WV Cinemas Cinemark-Core Pacific and Ambassador Theatres in bringing high quality cinema to digital screens in Taiwan Molter says. It’s tremendously gratifying that our partners in Taiwan share our commitment to innovation in creating the highest quality visual experience possible. Eric Shih WBPI’s manager for Taiwan says Their enthusiasm and dedication to moving into the future with digital cinema in Taiwan is gratifying. As the first company to introduce the digital cinema experience to Taiwanese audiences Ambassador is very pleased to take the next step with this partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures to digitize our screens which will facilitate the best 2D/3D movie going experience in our theatres says Joe Chang. The partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures will facilitate a much more aggressive roll–out of digital cinemas on all of our screens to demonstrate our commitment to giving the Taiwan audience the best seat experience possible says Jack Chen. Showtime Cinemas is very honored to be part of the era that revolutionizes the movie industry says Willy Liao. We strive to bring premium entertainment service to the people. Joining the VPF program we also look forward to working more closely with Warner Bros. Pictures to achieve that goal. Miramar is always committed to bringing the state–of–the art cinematic technology to Taiwan says Shih–Chen Huang. Being the first to import the IMAX experience Miramar is pleased to have inked the digital cinema deployment deal with Warner Bros. Pictures to completely digitize our screens.