Wake the Witch Releases on the Internet

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Wed, 10/21/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

In yet another example of the ways in which independent filmmakers are releasing their projects Unfiltered Entertainment last month announced that its movie Wake the Witch would be distributed through Amazon.com and FilmBaby.com this. 
 Inspired by Japanese horror the 90-minute feature tells the tale of three friends who unwittingly release the vengeful spirit of a witch from her resting place. Written and directed by Dorothy Booraem the low-budget film was shot on location in Wilderness Park in Lincoln Nebraska and other locations in the surrounding area last fall. Post-production was completed earlier this year using a PC-based Adobe Premiere Pro NLE system.
Handheld shots were used to “amp up the energy” during some sequences according to Chad Haufschild producer cinematographer and lead editor for Wake the Witch who used a JVC GY-HD250U camcorder for the shoot. He says the compact shoulder-mount GY-HD250U was “fantastic” for the handheld shots because of its excellent balance. “Going handheld was easier compared to smaller cameras ” he says. 
Although the camcorder features a 1/3-inch bayonet mount and can accommodate a variety of lenses Haufschild used the standard 16:1 Fujinon zoom lens that comes with the GY-HD250U to help keep the shoot on schedule. “It’s the perfect lens for this kind of project ” he says. “It gave us the depth of field we needed to pull off the composition we wanted – and helped keep the pace of the shoot fast.”
 Haufschild says he appreciated the GY-HD250U’s built-in focus assist feature and color viewfinder during the shoot and captured the action in 720p/24. “I was impressed with the image from the beginning ” he says. “When you see the image and it’s shot correctly it is actually pretty fantastic.”