Visual Icon to Manage Revolution Studios Licensing

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Tue, 04/26/2016 - 11:18 -- Nick Dager

Revolution Studios has signed a multi-year deal with clip licensing agency Visual Icon to manage the licensing of excerpts, still photographs, characters, dialogue and other copyrighted materials related to Revolution properties for use in advertisements, documentaries, books, museum exhibits, films and television shows.

“The 120-film Revolution catalog contains a treasure trove of beloved pop-culture moments, offering unique opportunities for brands to connect emotionally with audiences,” said Revolution CEO Vince Totino. “We are pleased to partner with Visual Icon to identify and create licensing opportunities in both the U.S. and internationally.”

“Revolution continuously seeks innovative ways to generate revenue from its expanding library of films and TV series,” added Revolution COO Scott Hemming. “We recognize that there is significant value in making elements of our properties available to appropriate brands, ad agencies, publishers and other content creators.”

“Brands around the world know that one of the most effective ways to engage consumers is to tap into iconic moments from Hollywood films,” said Visual Icon president and CEO Brian Merriman. “Visual Icon actively presents our partners’ properties globally to ad agencies and brands that pay significant licensing fees and help to re-popularize the titles they incorporate into their creative content. The result is a win-win situation for the brand and the studio.”

El Segundo, California-based Visual Icon manages clip licensing for more than 25 movie libraries and works with hundreds of brands, agencies and media companies around the world to integrate film-related content into marketing campaigns, brand activations, museum exhibitions, journalistic outlets, print media and publications, television shows, feature films and documentaries. 

The company also identifies unauthorized use of intellectual property and negotiates licensing fees to protect its partners’ copyrights.

In addition to providing content creators with a fully-searchable website that showcases watermarked clips from the 1,000+ films in its massive, multi-studio catalog, Visual Icon also has an in-house branding team that creates ad, documentary, and television concepts for agencies, brands and channels worldwide.