Vista Introduces Cinema Manager

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Mon, 12/11/2017 - 11:59 -- Nick Dager

Vista Cinema has introduced Cinema Manager, a browser-based application designed to enhance box office and concessions sales activities and frees cinema personnel from the back office, allowing for increased mobility, more efficient execution and improved focus on customers.  Cinema Manager is the result of nearly two years of development.

“Cinema Manager, which will start rolling out in early 2018, was designed with a user-first approach from the ground up,” says Kimbal Riley, CEO of Vista Cinema.  “We spent a lot of time researching how managers really worked, so that the tasks they complete in the application better match their operational goals. It’s a browser-based application, so is accessible on a range of devices, and utilizes a contemporary user interface design that is more intuitive, easier to learn, and faster to complete day-to-day tasks. All of these advantages combine to allow managers to spend less time in the office, and more time front-of-house with their customers and staff.”

Teams of Vista executives and product marketers have been previewing Cinema Manager as well as other tech advances by Vista, in a series of road Show presentations to theater owners and managers over the last several months in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Dubai and London.  The feedback was intense and informative with cinema operators from all regions calling for more browser-based applications and expressing significant interest in moving to the cloud. 

“Cinema Manager takes 22 years of Vista software development and re-imagines it in a much more intuitive interface,” said Mark Pattie, Vista’s head of product management. “You get all the rich functionality that you know and love in Vista, but presented in an easier-to-use way.”

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