USL Now Shipping LSS-100P Light & Sound Sensor

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Tue, 10/28/2014 - 13:07 -- Nick Dager

Ultra Stereo Labs has started to ship the latest version of the LSS-100, the LSS-100P. The LSS-100P allows exhibitors and industry network operation centers to continuously monitor on-screen technical performance to ensure the highest presentation quality. 

New and upgraded features include power over Ethernet, a precision photopic luminance sensor, an IR sensor, DSP processing, contact closure script start, and XML post to HTTP server. The new LSS-100P was on display at the ShowEast, which is being held October 27-30 in Hollywood, Florida.    

The LSS-100P provides daily testing for digital projection and sound equipment in each auditorium. The test show, Light & Sound Test (LST-100) is available on a USB flash drive or as a free download from the USL website. A single cue at the beginning of the show commences the LSS-100P’s capture of screen luminance, screen chromaticity and sound pressure levels for each speaker. These tests can detect issues with speakers, amplifiers, crossovers, projector luminance, and projector color. The test results are logged, limit checked and available directly on the LSS-100P as an HTML table and graph. The results can also be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis, or they can be posted in XML to an HTTP or HTTPS server for centralized data collection. 

“We have been delighted by the continued strong industry acceptance of the LSS-100. After listening to comments and input from industry field technicians, our team of engineers created new features and upgrades that will enhance use and testing with the new LSS-100P,” stated Jack Cashin, USL’s founder, president and chief technical designer. “The downloadable test shows the LST-100, complements the LSS-100P. It allows for industry cinema owners and their technicians to obtain improved test collection and data for their continuous review and analysis that will ultimately assist in more precise fieldwork assignments and improve overall maintenance.”