UNIC President Praises European Distributor, Exhibitor Relationships

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Wed, 06/22/2016 - 12:57 -- Nick Dager

Phil Clapp, president of the International Union of Cinemas used his keynote address at CineEurope 2016 to highlight the strong relationship between cinema operators and their partners in film distribution, seeing it as key both to the success enjoyed by the European industry in 2015, and in years to come.

Reflecting on a record-breaking year for European cinema, Clapp highlighted a number of contributory factors, including the flexibility now available to the sector through digital technology and massive ongoing investment in further upgrades to enhance all aspects of the cinema-going experience.

But in looking to the key reason behind the on-going vibrancy of the European market, he focused his attention on the strength of the partnership between exhibition and film distribution, seeing the relationship as the ‘foundation of the sector’s continued strength’.

Recognizing that the future was not without challenges for the industry, he was nevertheless confident that these could be addressed from within, without the need for outside stimulus or disruption, noting that, “We cannot be complacent in the face of changing demographics, technologies and audience tastes.

“But the success we have enjoyed in recent times should give us all confidence that whatever the challenges we face, these can be dealt with in the same spirit of cooperation. Between those who wish to develop new approaches that have the cinema experience at their heart. Not by third party disruptors indifferent to the damage their interventions might cause to the foundations of our business.”

In other elements of his speech, Clapp noted that, for all the recent – and he admitted – deserved media attention on growth in China and the wider Asia-Pacific region, Europe remained a key building-block of the global cinema business, representing around a quarter of World box office.

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