Two Cinemas first to offer Digital 3D in Germany

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Wed, 01/27/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The Cineplex Marburg and the Cinedom Koeln multiplexes are the first German cinemas to offer their audiences large-scale digital 3D Cinema. In the run-up for the theatrical release of Avatar both cinemas installed Kinoton 3D2P systems each operating with two projectors. The first Dual 3D installation took place in the Cineplex theatre a modern seven- screen multiplex in the city of Marburg. A Dolby 3D server provides the projectors with content. Cineplex CEO Gerhard Closmann had already installed a Kinoton-Dolby 3D cinema system in another auditorium in time for the Ice Age 3 release. When asked why he had decided in favor of the Dolby 3D system he said “Because for me a silver screen was completely out of question especially with so large a screen. After all we’ll keep on exhibiting 2D movies as well both in digital and 35mm and I set a high value on uniform image illumination.” The Dolby 3D system works perfectly well with normal cinema screens and the dual version with two extra-bright D-Cinema projectors guarantees brilliant high-contrast 3D pictures even in an XL format.     Kinoton