SpectSoft Introduces 3D Live

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Wed, 02/25/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

SpectSoft has announced 3D Live a new standalone stereoscopic 3D system that offers the ability to take two individual SDI streams in mix them down and feed them out via DVI/HDMI or Display Port in real-time. The two SDI streams can be from any source and they represent the individual right and left eye files that can stream from servers decks or cameras. This adds value to the workflow by allowing facilities the ability to only have to work with two uncompressed DPX files right and left eye frames and not separate files to view the images in 3D. The system will be offered up in both software and turnkey form. SpectSoft's current Rave systems allow stereo DPX frames to immediately be playable for viewing on high-end solutions that accept SDI such as RealD. 3D Live also supports many other features that are specific to working in 3D such as keystone correction and image shifting. By adding a 3D Live solution into the mix it allows the facility or user to work off the same files straight from the camera deck server or render farm ” says Ramona Howard president of SpectSoft. “The ability to work from the same file saves tremendous amounts of time and gives us that immediate gratification of what does or does not work in the world of 3D. The additional tools in this solution allow users to understand the image characteristics and how they can be corrected in post if they wish. We are releasing a free version of 3D Live which will be available in the near future.” 3D Live supports any standard incoming video stream over SDI and can be configured to play out via a DVI/HDMI or Display Port connection. The 3D Live turnkey system utilizes an AMD Quad Core system and can be housed in either a rackmount or desktop configuration. SpectSoft www.spectsoft.com ,768
Blacker Named Executive Director of Cinema Ad Council ,2009-03-06, The Cinema Advertising Council has elected Andrew L. Blacker as executive director.  Blacker who is senior vice president marketing and research Screenvision will also join Dave Kupiec CAC’s new president and chairman in the role of director cinema advertising vendors representing 5 000 screens or more. 
 Blacker recently joined Screenvision and has nearly 15 years of experience in the media and marketing fields and a primary focus in digital strategy sales and development.  Most recently Blacker was vice president Discovery Communications Commerce Division where he oversaw marketing online/offline promotions and new business strategy and development.  He was also a member of the Executive Strategy Group.  
  Prior to Discovery Blacker was director of the AOL Networks Marketing and Strategy group overseeing Network Specials and was the director of creative development including custom publishing for advertisers and content partners. He also served as the vice president sales and marketing at Ebrick.com and managed InfoSeek Corporation’s Business Development and various sales efforts. Blacker started his career at Hearst New Media & Technology where he created the first interactive classifieds section for Hearst New Media and HomeArts.com. 
 Cinema Advertising Council www.cinemaadcouncil.org ,786
Christie Certifies Growing Number of Cinema Re-Sellers,2009-03-06, Christie has announced the certification of a number of cinema re-sellers to take advantage of the ongoing roll out of digital cinema technology. The certified re-sellers include American Cinema Equipment Portland Oregon Big Sky Industries Alpha New Jersey Bruce’s Entertainment & Media Solutions Castaic California Cinema Equipment & Supplies Miami Florida CLACO Equipment and Service Salt Lake City Utah Integrity Entertainment Systems Niskayuna New York and Sonic Equipment Company Iola Kansas.   From coast-to-coast movie theatres in the United States are making key strategic investments in digital cinema so they can provide audiences with a superior movie viewing experience. To meet this growing demand Christie has developed a rigorous and thorough digital cinema training and certification program. Under the certification program re-sellers receive advanced training on all aspects of digital cinema projection including specific training designed to address the unique operational environments of each installation. Christie’s cinema re-sellers graduate from the program as authorized digital cinema technicians who possess a solid technical background in projector installation operation maintenance and servicing.  
  “No other projection manufacturer has the depth of experience that we have in wide-scale digital cinema deployments.  We’ve taken this knowledge and shared it with a key group of re-sellers—those who are fully dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality and service for their customers ” says Craig Sholder vice-president of entertainment solutions at Christie.  

 Sholder adds “Christie’s cinema re-sellers are key to the growth and popularity of digital cinema. Their second-to-none knowledge and expertise allow cinema circuits to deliver high-quality digital movie content to audiences that define their viewing experience by a large screen surround sound and crisp clear images that deliver impact arouse an emotion and ultimately tell a story.” 
 “Audiences are willing to pay premium ticket prices and with increased sales at the concession stand digital and 3D capable projectors are the best value proposition for theatres ” says Sholder. “Christie’s cinema re-sellers deliver that value and they will continue to play a pivotal role in driving the growth of digital and 3D cinema.” 

 Christie Digital Systems www.christiedigital.com ,787
UltraStar Installs D-Box Motion Systems in Arizona Theatre,2009-03-06, D-Box Technologies has announced that San Diego-based UltraStar Cinemas will become the first theatre chain in Arizona to install D-Box motion systems in one of its auditoriums located within the 14-screen Surprise Arizona multiplex. 
 UltraStar Cinemas has scheduled a March 25 press event to present a 20-minute short of a theatrical feature release with the added dimension of D-Box’s MFX motion effect to the media. D-Box will also supply UltraStar with a demonstration kiosk to be installed in the lobby of the theatre providing patrons the opportunity to test drive the D-Box MFX experience. Additionally a D-Box promotional clip will be shown on all 14 screens of the multiplex prior to feature presentations to create awareness and interest for the new technology.
 “We are very pleased to add UltraStar to our list of supporting exhibitors that will showcase upcoming theatrical releases embedding D-Box Motion Code ” says Claude Mc Master president and CEO of D-Box Technologies. “With UltraStar’s 120 digital screens strategically located throughout heavily populated markets in Southern California and Arizona the company has positioned itself as a visionary and innovative industry leader with whom we are very proud to be associated.”
  “We are thrilled about featuring a D-Box MFX section at our Surprise Arizona location ” says Damon Rubio vice president of operations for UltraStar Cinemas. “We know that moviegoers will enjoy D-Box's added dimension. We also see this evolution as a natural fit with our Pure Digital Cinema technology providing the crispest clearest motion picture technology currently available. We will be closely monitoring our success with D-Box and look forward to potentially equipping additional auditoriums in the future.”
 D‐Box www.d-box.com ,790
Digital FX Chooses BrightDrive Media Recording for Collaborative DI Workflow,2009-03-06, Digital FX Baton Rouge Louisiana has installed a BrightDrive media recording system to provide the infrastructure for its data-centric digital intermediates workflow. The system provides a collaborative environment that enables all operators to share data concurrently without the need for copying files between systems.
 “BrightDrive was a no-brainer for us ” says Greg Milneck president and founder of Digital FX. “We looked at all the options but BrightDrive simply gave us the best fastest and most reliable system within our budget. With 50 terabytes and eight concurrent 2K streams to all of our suites we believe we have the fastest system in the Gulf Region. That’s a big selling point for us.”
 Digital FX scans directly into BrightDrive from a range of sources so that data is available immediately to all operators on the network. This data-centric approach to workflow gives high levels of flexibility as operators are able to begin work immediately without having to wait for each other. BrightDrive is connected to all of Digital FX’s DI processes including multiple editing systems Smoke 2K Flame 2K After Effects 3D software and to the company’s color grading suite.
 Bright Systems www.4bright.com ,791
Filmaka Digital Rights Group Announce Hard Times Film Competition,2009-03-09, London based multiplatform distributor Digital Rights Group have partnered with Los Angeles based online film making community Filmaka to sponsor a short film competition around the theme of Hard Times.   The winners will win cash plus the chance of being propelled to the movie making major league.  If their three-minute short film is selected the distributor is offering the winners the opportunity to turn it into a movie TV or Internet series. The community a set of judges at Digital Rights Group and by Filmaka’s internationally renowned jury of moviemakers which includes Colin Firth Werner Herzog and John Madden votes for entries to the Digital Rights Group competition which are open. Membership to the Filmaka community is free and for an administrative fee of ten dollars users can upload their films.  
  DRG’s Justin Judd says “Our purpose in working with Filmaka is to find and pilot a number of ideas that we can then develop into more traditional formats such as long running TV series which could be straight drama or comedy.  While other sites have run occasional online movie competitions the beauty of working with Filmaka is that their community brings a wide range of perspectives and approaches to the idea. Hard Times seems an appropriate theme in the current economic circumstances but we remain very excited to see how the budding creative forces of tomorrow will interpret this theme and we look forward to helping them make it the next big international hit.”  
 Filmaka’s Deepak Nayar (producer Bend It Like Beckham Lost Highway) says  “Filmaka looks forward to seeing the many ways our global community interprets the very topical Hard Times theme.  Our filmmakers have proven their versatility time and time again from creating branded entertainment for SABMiller and Ford Mustang to short comedy films for FX to music videos for Lincoln which featured in this year’s Grammy Awards.   Filmaka’s mission is to reward creativity so we thank Digital Rights Group for giving our community the opportunity to turn their short films into hits for multiple platforms including television and film.”         
  Entries for the competition close at midnight PST April 19. Filmaka www.filmaka.com ,795
Jonas Brothers Make Surprise Appearance at Texas Galaxy Theatre,2009-03-09,The Jonas Brothers delighted screaming young fans during their surprise visit at the Galaxy Highland Theatre in Austin Texas on Sunday March 1. The young heartthrobs were in town as part of the band’s Surprise Theater Invasion Tour across the nation to promote their new film Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. During their visit the Jonas Brothers graciously greeted and met with fans before they jetted off to the next stop on their tour.  

The boys have teamed up with NetJets Inc. and Marquis Jet for this nationwide event enabling them to reach their fans in all these cities in just a few days. The movie has  performed well to date and had a solid opening weekend when it generated almost $10 000 per screen. ,796
Liquid Pictures Introduces 3D System for Shooting Underwater,2009-03-09,Liquid Pictures has announced what it says is the world's first camera system utilizing Red digital cinema cameras capable of shooting 4K 3D footage on land underwater and macro 3D. The proprietary system is built with a range of acquisition options including a digital 3D underwater beam splitter housing. The Liquid Pictures 4K 3D Digital Cinema Camera System can also be adapted to use Sony F35 Phantom HD and Phantom 65 cameras. Liquid Pictures has contributed to several landmark 3D films including Ghosts of the Abyss 3D U2 3D Journey to the Center of the Earth and Wild Ocean 3D.   We're committed to producing mainstream 3D films and content that will entertain audiences with an immersive stereoscopic experience. Until now there was no all-in-one 3D camera system capable of wet or dry in a beam splitter configuration says D.J. Roller founder of Liquid Pictures. Because we're working on 3D features commercials and films for 3D Imax theatres we needed a completely self contained system capable of shooting a spectacular vista Hollywood action sequences or a fingernail-sized creature at the bottom of the ocean. After months of rigorous test shoots the camera system was a success last fall on a seven-week expedition to Micronesia during principal photography of a soon-to-be-announced 3D film co-produced by Liquid Pictures. Roller and his production team shot over a hundred hours of 4K 3D footage on location in jungles aboard camera boats and under water with the new camera system. Other industry firsts for the camera system include acquisition of 4K 3D macro footage live real-time 3D monitoring and full wireless microwave control of camera functions all underwater. Roller's design was executed by a specialized team of engineers tasked with creating a streamlined process for manufacturing multiple units on demand and future proofing the system for compatibility with upcoming Red cameras such as the Epic and Scarlet. This new camera system removes old boundaries freeing us to take audiences on fantastic adventures and tell incredible stories in a whole new way says Roller. 3D makes the screen disappear and transports you to another world. Liquid Pictures www.liquidpictures3D.com ,798
U2 3D Opens in 40 Theatres in Japan,2009-03-09,U2 3D opened in more than 40 theaters in Japan on March 7. The film which premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival has grossed more than $20 million worldwide. The band’s long-awaited new studio album No Line on the Horizon — their first since 2004 — was released internationally just prior to the Japanese movie premiere. Mark Katz president of distribution National Geographic Cinema Ventures says “We’re delighted that U2 3D which continues to do well domestically and internationally will be released in Japan. Because of the importance of the Japanese market we waited to open there so the film could screen in the best-equipped 3D and IMAX theatres. And the film’s release on the heels of the band’s new CD is perfect timing.” “This was our company’s first production and it was truly a labor of love ” says Sandy Climan CEO of 3ality Digital which produced and shot the movie. “We were confident that we could create an immersive experience that made viewers feel like they were part of the band and we delivered on that promise. We’re thrilled that the movie continues to enthrall audiences around the world.” Filmed in South America during U2’s Vertigo Tour U2 3D is the first live-action movie ever shot produced and exhibited in digital 3D. The film captures the intimacy between band and audience in a unique visceral way and establishes a new standard in 3D digital technology. Directed by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington U2 3D transforms a series of live concerts by one of the world’s most acclaimed bands into a completely new entertainment experience. U2 3D takes viewers on an extraordinary cinematic journey a quantum leap beyond traditional concert films and traditional 3D immersing audiences in the excitement and throbbing intensity of a stadium concert. 3ality Digital’s Jon Shapiro Peter Shapiro and John Modell along with Owens produced the 3ality Digital presentation. Climan David Modell and Michael Peyser served as executive producers while Steve Schklair served as 3D and digital image producer. National Geographic Entertainment www.nationalgeographic.com. ,799
Olympus Makes Multi-Picture Deal with Cinedigm,2009-03-09,Cinedigm Digital Cinema has announced a first-of-its-kind multi-picture agreement with Olympus Pictures Distribution and Cinedigm’s Content and Entertainment subsidiary. As a part of the all-digital agreement which runs through 2015 and will include up to 15 pictures Olympus Pictures will theatrically distribute select movies through Cinedigm’s digital distribution network on a nationwide basis. Cinedigm will provide marketing promotion and other support for Olympus’ produced films.   Olympus’ The Narrows which premiered at the 2008 Toronto Film festival will be the first collaboration between the two companies and will be released by Cinedigm in 15 to 20 major markets in June. Olympus’ feature Adam was just purchased at the Sundance Film Festival by Fox Searchlight to be released later in this year. “Cinedigm can now bring a world of new content to theatres across the country at a much lower cost and offer targeted and scalable distribution to create theatrical windows and significant marketing opportunities for content owners ” says Bud Mayo chairman and CEO of Cinedigm. “Consumer demand for independent films continues to grow and The Narrows is a perfect example of an intelligent well-made independent film that will find an expanded audience among mainstream theatergoers looking for a wider range of content.” Dean Vanech CEO of Olympus Pictures says “As theatrical release options for smaller films are decreasing we are extremely excited to be expanding our distribution reach through Cinedigm’s national network. Their relationship with exhibitors combined with their expertise and commitment to new marketing techniques allows them to effectively serve movies that merit a theatrical life but may not be bought or best served by the current studio distribution system. Under Leslie Urdang’s leadership Olympus Pictures plans to complete one to three pictures annually with a goal of theatrical distribution for all of its films.” Cinedigm Digital Cinema www.Cinedigm.com Olympus Pictures www.olympuspics.com ,800
SOC Names Robert Gorelick Camera Operator of the Year 
 ,2009-03-09, The Society of Camera Operators has named Roberrt Gorelick (The Dark Knight) as Camera Operator of the Year. Upon receiving the award Gorelick said “This is the first award I've ever won except for a bowling trophy.” The Camera Operator of the Year award is nominated and voted on by the membership of the Society and the winner was announced at the February 21st awards event. 

The other 2009 feature film Camera Operator of the Year nominees were Will Arnot (Milk) Stephen Campanelli (Changeling) Kim Marks (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Martin Schaer (Eagle Eye).

 Pictured left to right: Arnot Campanelli Gorelick Schaer and Marks. John Toll a two-time Oscar winning director of photography presented the honor. Toll explained the importance of the camera operator: “As a director of photography I know how much I rely on the artistry and the skill of camera operators. I trust their taste and appreciate their talent and I understand what a tremendous contribution they make in accomplishing the creative ambitions of any film.”

 Oscar nominee Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight) began the evening speaking for camera technician Bob Hall.

“Bob took his work on The Dark Knight to a new level ” Pfister said. “In addition to the daily challenge of shooting method actors in anamorphic 35mm film Bob joined myself operator Bob Gorelick and Chris Nolan in breaking new ground by being the first to shoot with Imax cameras on a dramatic feature film release. In case you were not aware Imax has the shallowest depth of field of any film format making focus far more critical than conventional 35mm.” Bob Hall the recipient of the Camera Technician Lifetime Achievement Award explained his journey to the podium by telling stories of his fortunate career.

“It is ironic that I should get recognition for a job that by its very nature should go unnoticed ” he said. “On the screen the focus should be transparent and on the set my job is to be unobtrusive. I admit it is a very strange craft to acquire. Almost no one knows what it is that I do on a movie. Imagine if I interviewed for a job in the real world and was asked 'What are your skills?' I would say 'I can guess how far you are from me’.”
Georgia Theatre Company Installs Dolby 3D in Multiple Locations,2009-03-09,Georgia Theatre Company has installed Dolby 3D Digital Cinema in multiple theatre locations and has plans to increase its screen count over the next 12-18 months in selected locations throughout its circuit.   The company operates 287 screens at 29 locations in Florida Georgia South Carolina and Virginia. “We have been extremely impressed with the Dolby 3D Digital Cinema system since beginning our digital cinema and 3D testing a few years ago.  Not only does the Dolby 3D system provide excellent picture clarity and incredible color quality it also doesn’t require a silver screen providing our patrons with a great viewing experience from every seat in the house ” says Aubrey Stone president of Georgia Theatre Company.     Dolby 3D Digital Cinema uses a unique color filtering technology to provide realistic color reproduction and sharp images. The filter is placed into the light path before the Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing engine forms the image. This enables the projector to deliver crystal clear 3D images that pop off the screen with an amazing sense of depth detail and color. “As the growth of digital cinema continues Dolby looks to work with exhibitors like Georgia Theatre Company who want to provide an uncompromised premium 3D viewing experience to its customers ” says Page Haun senior director marketing cinema Dolby Laboratories. “We are honored that the Georgia Theatre Company has chosen Dolby 3D and recognizes the superior quality the solution brings to its circuit.” ,805
South Africa's Waterfront Studios Installs EditShare Workflow ,2009-03-09,Cape Town-based Waterfront Studios has deployed an EditShare 18TB storage system to facilitate production workflows across its various operational units. Waterfront Studios provides front-end services and high-end post-production as well as studio support to local and international customers. With project demands on the rise Waterfront wanted to streamline operations while fostering the creative process. Reseller Shoal Creek Investments provided the solution with EditShare's Complete Collaborative workflow. The Waterfront editing facilities are principally used for feature film off-line work and on-line editing of drama-series that are being produced in the studio complex. Typically eight to ten editors are working concurrently on the EditShare system. There are eight Avid MC V3 and three Apple Final Cut Pro units connected via 1 Gigabit connections to the distribution switch which has a 10 Gigabit connection to the EditShare server. There's also an iSCSI connection from the EditShare to three Digidesign Pro Tools HD systems which streamlines audio production workflows. EditShare really improved our workflows; with our old system we had network connectivity but file sharing was very limited and not true media sharing. And there was no way to do any project sharing and that's really a key factor in all our work says Mike Smit managing director of Waterfront Studios. EditShare's project sharing capabilities within either an Avid or Final Cut environment really made a difference for us. The fact that we could operate EditShare with high reliability on our existing Gigabit infrastructure was another plus. We also appreciate that with the scalable architecture we can grow the system over time to adjust to the demand. The Waterfront Studios installation is a terrific example of EditShare's cross-platform high performance capabilities says Tara Montford general manager Editshare Europe Middle East and Africa. Multiple Avid systems on both Macs and PCs are online along with several Apple Final Cut systems. EditShare provides a truly open and safe media-sharing environment for creative teams regardless of application or platform. EditShare is very simple to use. Editors just go about their normal business; and for administrators the system is quite easy to manage. EditShare www.editshare.com ,806
Band Pro Offers Financial Services to Customers

,2009-03-23, Band Pro Film & Digital has announced a new customer-focused financing program. Now Band Pro can offer a number of customized financing options specifically designed for the needs of the broadcast and cinema production industries. Following the existing tradition of excellent service a team of finance professionals will be available to help secure flexible and competitive financing options for new and existing Band Pro customers.

 For 25 years Band Pro has been an industry leader in technology sales and training. A greater commitment to support and training has always set Band Pro apart from competitors and the new financing focus goes even further. Aiming to serve customers requesting financing options from 12 to 60 months with most applicants approved within 24 hours Band Pro continues to make it easier for professionals to get the equipment they need in their hands and get to work.
 Band Pro Film & Digital www.bandpro.com ,824
Doremi Cinema European Installations Exceed 1200 Screens,2009-03-23,Doremi Cinema’s European operations Doremi Technologies located in the South of France has surpassed the 1200 unit mark for digital cinema server installations across Europe. This news comes with the recent deal struck between Doremi and VUE Cinemas in the UK.  VUE has expanded its digital cinema deployment to 50 screens; all to be equipped with Doremi DCP-2000 cinema servers. Now the largest exhibitors in both the UK and France have selected Doremi’s cinema server technology to power their digital cinema deployments. These include VUE Odeon and CineWorld in the UK Megarama CGR and Europalace in France Yelmo in Spain and ABC in The Netherlands   Doremi Cinema also has servers installed in Portugal Russia Italy Poland and Scandinavia. “We are extremely pleased with the ongoing popularity of our cinema technology with European exhibitors ” says Patrick Zuchetta Doremi Cinema’s vice president abroad.  “Our relationships and technology made their decision to go with Doremi an easy one”. Via a network of highly qualified dealers and integrator partners like Arts Alliance XDC DCL UKFC and YMAGIS Doremi Cinema has become the leading provider of digital cinema servers and mastering stations throughout Europe. Its line of DCP servers is the lynchpin product behind Doremi Cinema’s expanding client base.   At this time Doremi Cinema has over 6000 digital cinema servers installed around the world.  This includes significant installations in China India Australia Mexico Latin America Canada and the United States. Doremi www.doremicinema.com ,827
National CineMedia Announces 2008 Fiscal Results,2009-03-23,National CineMedia has announced consolidated results for the fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year that ended January 1 2009.   Total revenue for the fourth quarter 2008 (14 weeks) grew 18.9 percent to $112.4 million from $94.5 million for the comparable quarter last year (13 weeks). Advertising revenue for the fourth quarter 2008 was $101.5 million an increase of 18.6 percent compared to $85.6 million for the comparable quarter last year. Meetings and events revenue increased 20.2 percent to $10.7 million in the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to $8.9 million for the comparable quarter last year. National advertising inventory utilization for the quarter was 97 percent versus 104.4 percent in the comparable period in 2007. “I am pleased with our strong finish to 2008 as our advertising revenue growth outperformed almost all other national advertising mediums in a difficult market environment reflecting the increasing reach of our network and our ability to compete more effectively for national marketing budgets ” says Kurt Hall National CineMedia’s chairman and CEO.  “Our Fathom business also had a great year with revenue growing more than 110 percent as our strategy to expand our live distribution capabilities attracted more high quality entertainment content.” Hall says “Cinema appears to be gaining broader acceptance as advertisers become more focused on maximizing the effectiveness of their shrinking budgets.  While we still face difficult economic conditions especially in the local marketplace we are off to a strong start to 2009 with revenue and OIBDA growth expected in the first quarter versus 2008 and higher national scatter advertising bookings for 2009 compared to 2008 at this same time last year.” National CineMedia www.ncm.com ,828
EUE/Screen Gems Studios Dream Stage 10 On Schedule for May Opening,2009-03-23, EUE/Screen Gems Studios’ $15 million Dream Stage 10 which will be the third largest film and television production stage in the United States is on track for a May 22 opening in Wilmington North Carolina. According to the studio two large features are now considering filming there. 

 “We are thrilled but not surprised that two studio productions are already considering Dream Stage 10 as the location for their films ” says Chris Cooney COO of EUE/Screen Gems Studios. “Any studio would realize significant benefits from working with us.”

 Dream Stage 10 will include a 37 500-foot column-free stage with a 10.5-foot-deep water tank; established infrastructure; the third largest crew base in the United States and EUE/Screen Gems’ three decades of production expertise. Dream Stage 10 will be the tenth stage on EUE/Screen Gems Studios’ 50-acre lot in Wilmington. Its sheer size will accommodate large-scale blockbuster films and the 186 000-gallon indoor special effects water tank will add groundbreaking versatility. The water tank will be one of only three in North America; the other two are based on the West Coast and owned by studios that allow very limited access to outside productions.
 “We consulted with leading stage and acoustical engineers as well as producers directors cinematographers and our local crew for Dream Stage 10’s design ” says Bill Vassar EUE/Screen Gems Studios executive vice president. “As a result Dream Stage 10 was built to the specifications of the people who create visual magic. From the central location near production offices the access to the wardrobe facilities construction shops and our extensive lighting and grip facility Dream Stage 10 was built to maximize the vast production resources of EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

The City of Wilmington considers EUE/Screen Gems Studios one of the crown jewels of the community. Wilmington has always looked to us as a reason creative people from all walks of life want to relocate to our community. Dream Stage 10 will provide additional creative cache as well as economic stimulus of Southeastern North Carolina necessary during these tough times.” EUE/Screen Gems Studios www.screengemsstudios.com ,829
Fortis Bank Funds European Digital Cinema Roll Out,2009-03-23,Fortis Bank has committed to funding the first tranche of 50 million Euros for the financing of XDC's roll out of digital cinema equipment across Europe pursuant to its mandate to arrange 100-million Euro financing.  The credit facility will be available for draw down upon fulfillment of certain conditions including satisfactory documentation. This financing will be upon closing expected by mid April the first major financing deal in the European digital cinema industry and will further enhance XDC's position as a major player in the European market. Last year XDC executed Digital Cinema Deployment Agreements with six major Hollywood studios after which the company started the first deployment with European exhibitors and the support of European distributors. The commitment by Fortis Bank to provide this financing which was seen as the missing link will now enable XDC to complete the first phase of the Virtual Print Fee based roll out. With the total 100 million Euros XDC will be able to finance more than 2 000 digital screens across different European countries. In parallel within this scope XDC raised in December 2008 an additional six million Euros funding of which three million Euros from its existing shareholders and three million Euros coming from Société Régionale d'Investissement de Wallonie. ,830
GDC Adds Closed Captioning Capabilities to Server Line ,2009-03-23, GDC Technology has announced that it has added Closed Captioning capabilities to its SA-2100 family of digital cinema servers. This will benefit cinema patrons who are hearing impaired as they can now read the captions individually (using specially designed equipment available on individual seats) while watching the movie at the same time.
  Unlike open captioning where text is permanently visible which can be intrusive to the viewing audience closed captioning allows individual caption reading. This means others seated alongside do not watch or even see the captions. GDC has adopted the WGBH Rear Window Captioning System to display the caption. The adopted system is in full compliance of SMPTE 428-10 and SMPTE 429-12 standards. All GDC SA-2100 servers now accept digital content in the form of Digital Cinema Packages which include closed captions. 
  In a recent letter sent to studios and equipment suppliers President and CEO of the National Association of Theatres Owners (NATO) John Fithian had this to say with regard to Closed Captions for the audibly impaired: “To enable closed captions in digital cinema NATO is working inside SMPTE to produce a uniform standard distribution format for digital cinema captions. In addition NATO is working towards a standard interface for the digital cinema player so that third party closed caption system can simply plug in without modification. The goal is to incorporate these new standards in digital cinema systems by early 2009 along with the DCI-mandated improvements currently scheduled.” “GDC is among the earliest few digital cinema server companies to introduce Closed Caption capabilities to its range of servers ” says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “GDC respects The Americans with Disabilities Act which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities – hearing impaired included – in public accommodations such as movie theatres. We are proud of our efforts to bring the magic of digital movies to all patrons.”

 GDC www.gdc-tech.com ,831
Hoyts Cinemas Works with IDC to Establish Network in Australia and New Zealand,2009-03-23,International Datacasting Corporation in partnership with its Australian-based distributor OmniCast has received an order from Global Vision Networks for the provision of a new digital cinema broadband distribution network for Hoyts Cinemas in Australia and New Zealand. Under the order IDC has supplied their SFX4104 multimedia satellite receivers to Global Vision for installation throughout their network for Hoyts digital satellite cinemas. Hoyts Cinemas one of Australia's leading entertainment corporations owns and operates 45 cinemas with over 400 screens and more than 75 000 seats throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are pleased to work with IDC and OmniCast on this project. We take a great deal of pride in our innovative approach to all aspects of the cinema experience for our customers and by adding IDC's products and technology into the Hoyts digital cinema satellite distribution network throughout Australia and New Zealand we continue to lead the way in this market says Michael Fleck managing director of Global Vision. Our experience with IDC has proven that they not only have the leading technology in digital cinema distribution today but are focused on the future and supporting companies like Global Vision and Hoyts. I am pleased to welcome Hoyts and Global Vision to our growing roster of digital cinema clients around the world. This first digital cinema project in the Asia Pacific Region for IDC is a continuation of our expansion in this market. With our established base in the US and recently announced contracts for new networks in Europe IDC's digital cinema distribution technology is quickly gaining recognition as the global market leader and is poised to become the de facto standard for the distribution of digital content to theatres says Ron Clifton IDC president and CEO. International Datacasting Corporation www.datacast.com ,832
OConnor Updates the 2575 Fluid Head
,2009-03-23, OConnor has upgraded its workhorse Ultimate 2575 Fluid Head with the new D model. Improvements include ergonomic changes to controls and more pan-bar mounting points. The 2575D retains the counterbalance specifications and other characteristics that contributed to the popularity of its predecessor.

 Camera operators will find that the relocation of all controls on the platform to the operator's side (left) provide easier adjustment. The 2575D's one-touch platform release lever allows for one finger or hand action to undo the safety catch and open the lever which speeds deployment and location changes in the field.

The upgraded fluid head's platform now features dual platform scales one on each side and four handle rosettes to allow operation from either side of the head as well as front or back handle mounting. The 2575D weighs the same 22.9 pounds (10.4 kilograms) as its predecessor carrying the same 0-87 pounds (39.5 kilogram) payload. It features OConnor's step less ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag specifically designed to deliver the ultimate control and stability necessary for film style shooting. OConnor's patented sinusoidal counterbalance system provides true accurate balance at any point in the tilt range.

 All current 2575C accessories are interchangeable on the 2575D. OConnor www.ocon.com ,833
Palace Cinema Adds Twelve 3D Screens,2009-03-23,Palace Cinemas has announced the addition of twelve 3D-capable digital screens at its sites in Central Europe in the Czech Republic Slovakia and Hungary. Three will be in Prague two in Brno two in Bratislava and five in Budapest in addition to the one in operation since December 2007. Eleven of the sites will use Masterimage 3D technology while Palace West End in Budapest will add an additional Real D system.  The Barco projectors and XDC servers were provided through XDC and installed by Film-Ton-Technik. Palace Cinemas’ first wide 3D premiere will be Monsters vs. Aliens a DreamWorks Animation production. There was a special sneak-preview last month at Palace Cinemas in the Czech Republic followed by a general release in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Hungary.   “We are extremely excited to bring to our customers the very best in entertainment and 3D technology. It’s a revolutionary technology that will radically change the business ” says V.J Maury CEO of Palace Cinemas. “Palace Cinemas was the first to introduce digital projection to its markets in 2002. Our experience as an early-adopter of digital has given us invaluable experience. Our current expansion ensures that filmgoers in all our markets now have the opportunity to experience the many great new films being released in 3D this year.” Country manager for Czech Republic David Horacek says “We are eager to build on our earlier experience and expand into both Prague and Brno.” “We see an audience eager to experience 3D at both of our sites in Bratislava ” says Slovakia country manager Andrea Baisova. “We believe Palace will have the best digital 3D offer in Hungary now with six screens in Budapest ” comments Andrea Lovasz Hungary Country Manager. Palace Cinemas www.palacecinemas.net ,834
New Petrol Ditty Bag Holds Accessories

,2009-03-23, Petrol has introduced the Ditty Bag a lightweight carrier designed to keep essential tools and accessories well organized and close at hand during production.
 Petrol's new Ditty Bag comes equipped with an internal removable divider to separate contents. Multiple loops and pockets of different sizes are designed to hold a wide variety of items. What's more a removable tool pouch can be easily hung from a standard belt for even greater convenience. The bag's cold-molded laminate bottom lifts and protects contents from damage from adverse elements such as dirt or water. An auxiliary strap with hook can be used to easily hang the Ditty Bag from a ladder stand or other makeshift locations. Additional features include a padded neoprene shoulder strap and removable ergonomic handle a sturdy black nylon rain cover and an external pocket for personal belongings.    The exterior is constructed of heavy duty black and blue Cordura.
 Petrol www.petrolbags.com ,835
Colorfront Installs DVS Clipster for Digital Intermediates,2009-03-23,Hungarian post-production facility Colorfront has integrated DVS’s Clipster digital intermediates workstation into its workflow. Colorfront founded by the Jaszberenyi brothers Mark and Aron plays a key role in producing international film projects such as Karchi Perlmann’s The Dinner which was awarded at both the Venice and Cottbus Film Festival. Aron Jaszberenyi Colorfront CEO says “Colorfront has become one of Europe’s leading post houses the only one in Hungary offering complete DCI Mastering to its customers. We are truly excited to be working with Clipster The DVS solution allows us to deliver high-quality DCI packages a lot faster and with less effort.” Oliver Gappa sales and marketing director at DVS says ”We are delighted to provide a worldwide renowned post house as Colorfront with our system. DCI Mastering with Clipster enables Colorfront to offer digital cinema dailies that can be screened at any digital cinema in the world.” Colorfront www.colorfront.com ,839
Sachtler Introduces FSB4 Fluid Head

,2009-03-23, Sachtler has introduced the FSB4 fluid head. With a payload ranging from 0-8.8 lbs (0-4 kg) the FSB4 is ideal for users of HDV cameras. This professional head offers Sachtler's renowned features such as aluminum housing three-step damping and five-step counterbalance. In addition the FSB4 incorporates Sachtler's proven SpeedBalance technology enabling fast and precise balancing. 

The FSB4 is the newest head in the Sachtler range that includes the FSB 2 and FSB 6. The new head is specially designed for compact cameras fully equipped with professional accessories. “Its payload of up to 8.8 lbs (4 kg) provides camera support for almost every HDV camera” says Ali Ahmadi product manager for Sachtler. “What's more the new head perfectly meets our clients' expectations regarding robustness reliability and durability.” The FSB 4 has an integrated flat base fitting and interfaces with tripods with 75mm bowls. With three horizontal and three vertical steps of damping as well as a five-step counterbalance the FSB4 allows the camera operator to perform smooth movements under any conditions.

The FSB 4 may also be paired with Sachtler's SOOM multifunctional tripod system that offers height from eight inches to eight feet (20cm to 250cm).   Another accessory that enhances FSB4 functionality is the FSB CELL power supply a 7.2 V battery with a storage capacity of 10.5 Ah that mounts directly between the camera and the FSB4. 

 Sachtler www.sachtler.us ,840
Theatres Converting to Digital 3D with Sonic and Christie,2009-03-23, The conversion to digital cinema by theatre operators throughout the United States continues and is gaining momentum as the 2009 schedule of 3D movies are released. Sonic Equipment Company an authorized Christie cinema reseller is equipping dozens of independent theatres across the U.S. Midwest with Christie DLP Cinema projectors with Brilliant3D technology. “Christie offers us the best choices in technology performance and reliability for our customers while also keeping prices affordable. Independent theatres are looking for the best deal with the most ‘bang-for-the-buck’ and have found it here with our package options ” says Eric L. Olson director of operations Sonic Equipment Company. 
“Our install and service teams have stepped up to meet the growing demands of customers ready to convert their 35mm booths to digital. The relationship we have with Christie has helped to make it easier to sell lots of digital projectors and present the most compelling offer to our customers through training product availability and their ongoing commitment to their re-seller network ” says Olson.
 Craig Sholder vice-president of entertainment solutions at Christie says “With exhibitors excited about bringing new movie experiences to audiences and more 3D Hollywood content slated for this year and next we are excited to enable Sonic to bring the best digital experience to independent theatre operators throughout the U.S.”   Over the past few months Sonic Equipment Company has converted dozens of screens to digital and more are on the way including:
 Sun Valley Cinema 6 - Mountain Home Arkansas 
 Blair Theatre - Belleville Kansas Derby Cinema Derby Kansas
 B & B Theatres Festus 8 Cinema - Festus Missouri 
 B & B Theatres Liberty Cinema 12 - Liberty Missouri
 Great Eight Cinemas - Union Missouri 
 Sullivan Cinema 6 - Sullivan Missouri Athena Grand - Athens Ohio  B & B Claremore Cinema 8 - Claremore Oklahoma
  Times Square Cinemas - Tyler Texas    
 Christie Digital Systems www.christiedigital.com Sonic Equipment Company www.sonicequipment.com ,842
Vue Entertainment Adds 200 3D Screens ,2009-03-23,Vue Entertainment has announced that it will add 200 RealD 3D screens to its circuit. The rollout of 3D-enabled screens has already begun with an installation at Vue's flagship location in Leicester Square. Additional RealD systems are ready for installation immediately as new screens are added monthly at Vue cinemas. Vue prides itself on providing the most compelling cinema experience available and RealD 3D will give our audience a new and exciting way to experience movies says Tim Richards CEO of Vue Entertainment. RealD 3D is the market-leading choice for its remarkable track record of providing a superior viewing experience something we can't wait to bring to our many locations across the UK. We're thrilled to be partnering with Vue to bring tens of millions of moviegoers the unmatched RealD 3D experience says Michael V. Lewis chairman and CEO of RealD. This alliance with the UK's leading exhibitor furthers RealD as the market-leader in the UK and is a reflection of our continued expansion across Europe. Vue has 62 cinemas with 607 screens and 134 413 seats which attract more than 32 million customers a year. The company is the largest operator of modern multiplex cinemas in the country. It is also the market leader in the critical London market and has the second largest market share in terms of box office in the UK. RealD www.RealD.com ,843
Wild Bunch Acquires International Rights to 3D Entertainment's Oceans 3D,2009-03-23,3D Entertainment's filmmakers Jean-Jacques and Francois Mantello have sold all media international rights to their first feature length film. Oceans 3D - Into the Deep presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau a working title has been acquired by Wild Bunch a Paris-and London-based sales distribution and production outfit. The film is set to become the first ever documentary to be both filmed and released in digital 3D. We are delighted to have Wild Bunch as our partner on Oceans 3D a unique 3D experience that will leave audiences in awe of the beauty and biodiversity of the oceans says Francois Mantello chairman of 3D Entertainment. The work their sales team has already accomplished in conjunction with the Berlinale's European Film Market is absolutely remarkable with the film sold in 51 territories so far and many others in final discussions. Thanks to digital 3D technology viewers will literally dive into the virtually unknown deep blue says Vincent Maraval Wild Bunch's co-founder and head of sales. This flagship film is an excellent choice to kick off our new 3D label. Our goal is to quickly develop an independent film expertise in this field ultimately offering a 3D title at each major film market. The deal marks the first collaboration between the two companies. Under the terms of the agreement 3D Entertainment retains the rights (all-media) for the US and Canada. The 85-minute long docudrama is currently in post-production and completion is anticipated for this May in time for the Cannes Film Festival's Annual Market. The film is the result of six years of production 25 challenging expeditions and 200 hours of footage shot in 3D. A tribute to the ocean Oceans 3D takes viewers on a voyage through among others Californian kelp forests the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and Roca Partida Island off the coast of Mexico which is home to thousands of sharks. Audiences will witness some of the most spectacular and unforgettable scenes of life beneath the waves ever captured in 3D: the manta ray's enchanting ballet; the noble procession of hammerhead sharks; the lionfish's relentless hunt; a group of young dolphins playing algae-football; the astonishing beauty of the Spanish dancer sea slug; and a unique encounter with the largest cetaceans on the planet. Oceans 3D is presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau and endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program. Produced by 3D Entertainment and McKinney Underwater Productions it is directed by Jean-Jacques Mantello with underwater cinematography by Gavin McKinney and it features an original score by Christophe Jacquelin. 3D Entertainment www.3defilms.com ,844
Ballantyne to Distribute GDC Digital Cinema Servers,2009-04-14, Ballantyne has been granted rights to distribute GDC’s digital cinema server line in North and South America.  The initial term of the agreement is three years and is automatically renewable for subsequent three-year periods based on the satisfaction of various conditions by both parties. In addition to serving as a reseller Ballantyne will also provide integration services for GDC server products in the same territories.   The agreement builds upon a partnership between GDC and Ballantyne’s Strong Technical Services subsidiary initiated last October.  Pursuant to the STS-GDC agreement GDC expanded its service network in the U.S. by utilizing STS to provide installation maintenance and service support for GDC digital cinema servers and related products.  The STS technical staff has undergone extensive training by GDC on the GDC digital cinema server product line.
 “Ballantyne is a valuable GDC partner allowing us to support the American market with SA-2100 digital cinema server offerings that deliver advanced functionality ” says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology.  “We are confident that the winning combination of the superior customer service provided by Ballantyne-Strong and the top-quality servers produced in our ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturing facility should win many new fans in the Americas.”
 John Wilmers Ballantyne’s president  and CEO says “By adding GDC Technology servers to our digital cinema product line Ballantyne-Strong is now able to provide our customers a comprehensive solution that spans digital projectors servers screens accessories and related service.  GDC is recognized on a global basis for the high quality and excellent value it delivers in its digital cinema server line. We are excited at the prospect of helping GDC expand their market share in the Americas and look forward to building upon this partnership in other ways.” Ballantyne www.ballantyne-omaha.com GDC Technology www.gdc-tech.com ,860
Cine Gear Expo Moves to New Location,2009-04-14,Cine Gear Expo 2009 is moving to a new location at the Paramount Pictures Studio Lot in Hollywood. The event for the pre-production production and post-production community will be held on the Paramount back lot (New York Streets) with all theatres and screening rooms within walking distance for participants.  There will be an indoor stage and adjacent parking. With more than 200 companies exhibiting from around the world the customary exceptional social atmosphere will continue along with opportunities to introduce new technology and equipment to the entertainment community throughout the two day event. Three distinct yet related events will take place between June 4th through June 7th: Cine Gear Expo and Premiere Seminars Master Class Seminars and The Film Series at Cine Gear Expo Competition.  Exhibition & Premiere Seminars (please note new times) will begin on Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th. A variety of Premiere Seminars will be offered free of charge to attendees. The Master Class Seminar Series will be held on Sunday June 7th. The Film Series at Cine Gear Expo is being held from June 4th through June 6th. For full details entry forms competition rules and the screening schedule visit the Cine Gear Expo website. Cine Gear Expo www.cinegearexpo.com ,863
Waltz With Bashir Sweeps the Board at Cinema Eye Honors,2009-04-14,The Second Annual Cinema Eye Honors for nonfiction filmmaking were held last night at the Times Center in New York. Ari Folman’s Waltz With Bashir an animated documentary depicting the horrors of the 1982 Lebanon war was the big winner of the night beating off 20 other nominees to receive four out of the ten awards – Graphic Design and Animation Music Composition International Feature and Outstanding Direction. Over 350 guests from the independent film community including directors producers and distributors as well as over 40 members of the film trade and general press attended the event – the only one of its kind to specifically recognize nonfiction film. The event’s founding sponsor IndiePix the internet-based distributor of independent films along with award-winning producer AJ Schnack and Thom Powers documentary programmer of the Toronto International Film Festival. The Audience Choice Award – the only prize to be chosen by members of the film-going public – was presented to Yung Chang for Up the Yangtze a film about contemporary China as seen through the eyes of Chinese workers who are employed on a luxury Farewell to the Three Gorges cruise boat. A full list of award winners can be found below. Of 110 eligible films which were released in 2008 26 were nominated for the awards by a panel of documentary programmers from 15 different film festivals in North America and across Europe. Over 200 documentary professionals – including filmmakers distributors and journalists – were invited to cast their votes on the final winners. Bob Alexander president of IndiePix and founding sponsor of the Cinema Eye Honors says “We have worked hard to ensure that the Cinema Eye Honors have now become one of the most important dates in the nonfiction industry’s calendar. The exposure that independent productions are now receiving has really cemented their success and the extraordinary support that filmmakers are offered from the film-watching public has made it a very strong industry. “This year's nominees were an extremely strong list of films from top filmmakers produced to very high standards. The awards were created in order to recognize the people behind the camera and those working hard in the studios – whether for musical composition or cinematography. And along with that recognition there was a sense that the community is now setting ever-higher standards for its work. We’re delighted to have been able to help raise awareness of independent productions over the past six years and also showcase some of its greatest filmmaking talent.” Cinema Eye Honors www.cinemaeyehonors.com Winners of the 2009 Cinema Eye Honors: Debut Feature:  Up The Yangtze (Yung Chang) Graphic Design and Animation: Waltz with Bashir (Yoni Goodman & David Polansky) Music Composition: Waltz with Bashir (Max Richter) Outstanding Editing: Man on Wire (Jinx Godfrey) Outstanding Cinematography: Encounter at the End of the World (Peter Zeitlinger) Audience Choice Award: Up the Yangtze (Yung Chang) Outstanding Production: Man on Wire (Simon Chinn) International Feature: Waltz with Bashir (Ari Folman) Outstanding Direction: Waltz with Bashir (Ari Folman) Outstanding Achievement in Non-Fiction Filmmaking: Man on Wire (Dir: James Marsh; Prod: Simon Chinn) IndiePix www.indiepixfilms.com ,864
China Film Group Lianzhong Circuit Choose Dolby Digital Cinema

,2009-04-14, Both the China Film Group Corporation and Lianzhong Circuit have selected Dolby Digital Cinema and Dolby 3D systems for multiple theatre locations throughout China. 

 We are so excited to be able to bring 3D movies to our patrons in Dolby 3D says Chen Dunliang president of Wuhan Lianzhong Circuit. Both Dolby Digital Cinema and Dolby 3D are welcome additions to the Lianzhong Circuit and will wow our audiences with a pristine picture and a premium-quality 3D experience. 

 Dolby continues to expand its digital cinema footprint and Dolby 3D continues to grow in the Asia Pacific region says Mahesh Sundaram vice president Asia Pacific Dolby Laboratories. “Cinema entertainment is evolving quickly in Asia Pacific. We are honored to help Lianzhong and China Film Group drive the trend and to bring a new and inspiring cinema viewing experience to consumers in China with Dolby Digital Cinema and Dolby 3D products. 

Dolby Digital Cinema www.dolby.com