SmallHD Releases Free Firmware Upgrade

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Fri, 08/26/2016 - 12:06 -- Nick Dager

SmallHD has released the first firmware update for its line of 17-inch, 24-inch and 32-inch production monitors. “Based on industry and customer feedback, we created the greatly expanded firmware 1.0,” said company co-founder Wes Phillips. “We’ve integrated a ton of features to customize color and brightness.  We believe we have truly unlocked the power of HDR Preview. Our customers will love the convenience and flexibility the new firmware adds.”

The free download improves the functionality of all monitors in the series, including the groundbreaking HDR (high dynamic range) displays. Specifically, the Production Monitor firmware update covers the 1703 Studio and 1703HDR, the 2403 Studio and 2403 HDR, and the 3203 HDR.

Available now in the support section of SmallHD’s website (, the update adds over two dozen new features and enhancements to the displays, including the capability of each input type (HDMI, SDI1, SDI2) to be configured to support different incoming gamma formats. Also added is an Enhanced Input Menu, which enables HDR Preview Settings on HDR capable models.

A generous array of recognized input color spaces is part of the update. And a new Appearance menu provides control of sharpness, contrast, brightness, gamma shift, RGB gain and a new OLED gamma match.

The update also adds Backlight settings which now provide a range of brightness controls, USB support, crop tools, image flip, multi-page enhancement to allow dual input or quad input view, and enhanced focus tools. Backlight settings now provide a range of brightness controls. Plus image capture capability has been broadened.

Additionally, the update adds support for SDI 480i and 576i, and a host of audio enhancements is also included.

A detailed list of the firmware update’s new features is available at