Scala Fastsigns NEC Partner on Digital Signage Effort

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Wed, 02/25/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Scala Fastsigns International and NEC Unified Solutions have partnered in a joint effort to make digital signage available to local businesses worldwide. Digital signs are becoming more popular because of their ability to engage audiences and deliver targeted messages but many small and mid-sized businesses haven’t adopted digital signage because they aren’t sure how to use the technology or where to find it. “Whether for advertising or informational purposes early adopters of digital signage are amazed with the value and control they experience in reaching audiences with precise messaging ” says Jeff Porter executive vice president of Scala’s experts group. “Having an advanced solution available through Fastsigns will create opportunities for businesses that stand to benefit greatly from digital signage.” “We committed a great deal of resources to researching and understanding digital signage so that we could deliver the most user-friendly and comprehensive solution to our customers ” says Larry Lane president of Fastsigns International. “The software is the backbone of our DDS solution and we selected Scala as our partner because Scala Content Manager offers the most flexibility and the company brings a high degree of industry knowledge and experience to the table.” Fastsigns Scala