Santa Rosa Entertainment Selects GDC Servers for Blue Oaks Cinema 16 

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Sat, 11/13/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The Santa Rosa Entertainment Group has selected GDC servers for its 3 000-seat booth-less digital cinema project at its new Blue Oaks Cinema 16 multiplex in Rocklin California. The equipment will be installed by Portland Oregon-based American Cinema Equipment. Blue Oaks Cinema 16 was slated to open in November. The Tocchini family has had a long history of innovation in theatre exhibition. In the 1920s its Strand Theatre showed the first “Talkies” in Santa Rosa. Today SR Entertainment Group operates designs builds and renovates many state-of-art theatres and the family tradition of innovation continues with its new groundbreaking booth-less Blue Oak Cinema 16.
  “The compact nature of digital cinema technology lends itself to innovative design possibilities ” says Larry Jacobson owner of Digital Cinema Development the theatre design company responsible for transforming the old Mervyns’ store into the Blue Oaks Cinema 16. “Mounting the projectors on lifts at the rear of the auditoriums creates a very cost effective solution.”
  “The cost savings we realized by converting the old Mervyns’ store would not have been possible without the digital cinema technology and booth-less solution ” says Dan Tocchini president and CEO of SR Entertainment Group. “This savings enabled us to install best of breed furnishings and equipment. GDC’s digital server solution was a natural fit.”
 “It is a pleasure to announce GDC as our digital cinema server provider for our new Blue Oaks location. GDC is a leader in the digital cinema server field with a reputation for outstanding service and consistent technological advances ” says Neil Pearlmutter vice president of operations and new development of SR Entertainment Group. “GDC’s ‘future-proof’ solution will allow Blue Oaks to remain contemporary for years to come.”
 “We are proud that SR had the confidence in us and picked GDC as the sole server provider for this trendsetting project. The Blue Oaks cinema design is a first in the industry and GDC is honored to be associated with SR and Larry Jacobson boasting such innovations ” says Dr Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “GDC is a firm believer in innovation and we look forward to working with SR and Larry in the near future.”