Sachtler Introduces the Artemis EFP HD SE Camera Stabilizing System

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Sun, 10/11/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sachtler has introduced the artemis EFP HD SE camera stabilizing system designed to work with the Red One camera. The EFP HD SE was designed and engineered in Germany following the same philosophy as the entire artemis stabilizing line. Two key features of the system are the 15 Amp high capacity camera power supply and new Hot Swap technology. Because of these innovations the artemis EFP HD SE is well-suited for pairing with the Red One and other state-of-the-art HD cameras. In addition to the standard 3-pin camera power out 3-pin Aux power and 4-pin focus power out sockets there is an extra new camera power-out using the same Lemo 2B 6-pin socket and wiring scheme as the Red One. The new HiCap high capacity power supply allows the artemis EFP HD SE to handle 14V 15 Amps at 210 Watts without any problem. When the artemis EFP HD SE system is used with 14 Volts and up to 11 Amp / 154 Watts the voltage drop is less than four percent far superior to other brands of stabilizers. When shooting with the Red One camera using the Red Brick 140WH battery pack the operator is guaranteed maximum run time and optimum battery capacity. The voltage drop of this combination is less than four percent. Plus battery capacity data is displayed in the eyepiece of the Red One when a Red Brick or other battery supporting capacity data is used. Due to the modularity of the artemis EFP HD SE the use of the five-foot-three-inch super post with an HD camera stabilizer system is no longer a problem allowing unusual perspectives to be achieved. The patented dual dynamic balance of artemis systems allows mounting of two batteries at four independently adjustable positions. This unique feature offers two benefits: more than enough battery power on board and flexible positioning of the batteries for perfect dynamic balance. According to Curt O. Schaller inventor of the artemis the new HiCap wiring the use of new power-out sockets and Hot Swap technology in combination with HQ HD SDI video are logical steps into the future of digital cinematography camera support. The artemis EFP HD SE provides camera power Hot Swap technology made by Anton/Bauer. Users are free to change the batteries of the rig without rebooting the camera. The special circuit made by Anton/Bauer ensures easy and problem free hot swap procedures and is friendly to the batteries. Regardless of the camera used this Hot Swap capability can save valuable production time. The new system supports HD SDI video processing up to 4.5 GHz. Fully modular artemis is the only stabilizing system on the market offering such versatility. The HQ HD SDI video line allows the use of the award-winning Transvideo CineMonitor HD six foot SBL. With a built-in waveform monitor a digital bubble and free adjustable frame-lines the operator has maximum control. The artemis EFP HD SE system includes the ACT 2 vest and ACT 2 spring arm. The ACT 2 vest features seven segments that can be positioned to provide the ideal fit for the operator's shoulder chest and hip areas. Decades of experience and a close working relationships with operators have helped us optimize carrying comfort at the body's most sensitive load-bearing points says Schaller artemis developer and a long-time operator. The ACT 2 vest's optimized fit contributes greatly to improved operation of the system and operator comfort. The lightweight ACT 2 arm enables quick precise and soft operation. Advanced aeronautical technologies and solutions were incorporated in developing the arm providing load capacities from 22.6 to 53.3 pounds (11 to 26 kilograms). The new turnover mechanism of the mating block can be adapted to the preferred operating side quickly and safely. In addition the mating block is 3mm higher than in previous versions allowing a steeper angle adjustment. Despite this modification the arm still fits into vests of other manufacturers and offers more adjustment possibilities including modifying the angle between the arm and the operator's body. Sachtler The Vitec Group