QuVIS Selects Paragon Software for Wraptor

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Sun, 10/26/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

QuVIS has selected Paragon Software’s Universal File System Driver technology to embed within their new Wraptor Digital Cinema Package mastering plug-in for Apple Final Cut Studio. Paragon's technology fulfills the requirements for creating a digital cinema content distribution hard drive according to the Digital Cinema Initiative specifications by enabling a Mac with Wraptor and Final Cut Studio to: Create a Linux ext2/3 File System partition on a USB2.0 external hard drive suitable for use as a DCI-compliant distribution hard drive. Verify the integrity of the ext2/3 File System partition. Write a clear-text (unencrypted) or AES-encrypted DCP created using Wraptor to the distribution hard drive using a file system format that is universally supported by all major digital cinema playback servers.      Wraptor is a software plug-in that adds the ability to create a professional-quality DCI JPEG2000-encoded AES-encrypted MXF-wrapped and distribution-ready DCP directly from a Final Cut Studio project. Wraptor provides a low-cost solution for creating digital cinema content without sacrificing professional quality or interoperability. Wraptor is commercially available online at www.quvis.com. Paragon is committed to using its 14+ years of partitioning experience to help remove the barriers between the Mac Linux and Windows operating systems and has a growing portfolio of products for Mac systems to do exactly that says Tom Fedro president of Paragon Software Group - Americas. This partnership with QuVIS further solidifies our credibility as the technology leader in a cross-platform environment. The Linux ext2/3 UFSD technology allows QuVIS to offer a complete turnkey Digital Cinema Mastering solution for Final Cut Studio that includes the ability to deliver content in the form of a DCP using the distribution file system format preferred by the industry says Michael Paulson QuVIS COO. We are very pleased with the seamless integration of the Paragon and QuVIS technologies. Paragon Software Group www.paragon-software.com QuVIS www.quvis.com