Qube Launches Online Xport Store

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Fri, 05/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Qube Cinema has launched an online web store where filmmakers post houses and pre-show content creators can purchase the new QubeMaster Xport Final Cut Studio plug-in. The system enables users to output DCI-compliant Digital Cinema Package masters directly from the Final Cut Compressor. QubeMaster Xport is available in four versions. The QubeMaster Xport 2K retails for $799. QubeMaster Xport 3D and QubeMaster Xport 4K are available for $1 798 each. Users who need both stereo 3D and 4K mastering can opt for QubeMaster Xport 4K and 3D at $2 797. Individual modules can be added after the initial purchase for $999 per module. A fully functioning watermarked demo is also available for download allowing users to test out the software. QubeMaster Xport enables Final Cut Pro users to save pre-defined settings as Compressor Droplets and simply drag-and-drop files to create DCI-compliant masters. All of the file formats supported in Final Cut Studio can be output to 2K and 4K and the software can handle XYZ color space conversions or apply custom 3D LUTs to source files while encoding. “With major film festivals like Cannes and Venice now endorsing DCPs as their preferred delivery format we’re seeing a surge of interest from independent filmmakers looking for better ways to master and deliver their films ” says Eric Bergez director of sales and marketing at Qube Cinema. “This new website gives them access to all the tools they need for generating DCP masters without the expense and complication of going to a major facility.”   Bergez pointed out that QubeMaster Xport also opens the door to the growing digital cinema market for boutique post houses and pre-show content creators. It's about putting distribution capabilities into the hands of those who create the content he says. In June Qube Cinema will launch a new KDM key generation service which will allow QubeMaster Xport users to add secure exhibitor keys to their DCPs. Qube Cinema Web Store http://www.qubecinema.com/products/xport