Odeon Selects Unique Digital’s RosettaNet

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Thu, 12/01/2016 - 11:05 -- Nick Dager

Odeon Cinemas is installing Unique Digital’s RosettaNet Enterprise theatre management system throughout the UK.

RosettaNet is a groundbreaking achievement in digital cinema technology. RosettaNet’s ability to link all of Odeon’s existing RosettaBridge TMS locations together through a single, secure interface empowers the Odeon team. Odeon now has the ability to build cloud-based playlists, create schedules centrally for all sites, handle content and KDMs through to screen level and monitor their entire estate from one central accessible location.

The addition of RosettaNet to the existing suite of Unique Digital products, RosettaBridge TMS, Basekey and Movie Transit provides Odeon Cinemas with one of the most technically advanced and efficient exhibitor estates in the world. By combining RosettaNet with content delivered electronically via Movie Transit theatre management operations are virtually handsfree.

Odeon Group head of cinema technology, Mike Bradbury said, “Unique Digital have always been innovators, creating solutions that drive efficiencies in our workflow. The deployment of RosettaNet has been a big change for Odeon, allowing us to run our cinema management function from one location across our entire estate.”

“Odeon Cinemas technical ambition shows just what can be achieved. They are clearly leading the way towards automated cinema operation. We are very excited and privileged to continue to work closely with Mike and his team,” said Chris Hagan, chairman of Unique Digital. “Unique Digital will continue to innovate through software, driving digital cinema forward with new and intelligent solutions.”

Odeon UCI Cinemas http://www.odeon.co.uk

Unique Digital http://www.uniquedigitalcinema.com