New SeaSun Underwater Housings for Litepanels

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Tue, 08/11/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Litepanels has teamed with Hollywood-based underwater motion picture specialist HydroFlex to develop a family of next generation underwater lighting fixtures the Litepanels SeaSun Underwater housing series. Many of the advantages that Litepanels LED lighting technology bring to above-water production crews provide similar advantages to those shooting beneath the waves including the light fixtures’ small form-factors panchromatic light output low power draw and low heat generation. Size does matter to underwater production crews where equipment needs to be weighted to be nearly neutrally buoyant when submerged. The smaller the overall volume of a lighting fixture the less weight must be added so that the device so that it remains slightly negatively buoyant so it does not tend to rise to the surface yet falls slowly if released under the water. This means Litepanels’ SeaSun fixtures are easy to lift aboard a support vessel at the end of a dive and the small form factor also means less drag when a diver swims with the light. As an underwater production crew descends beneath the surface many colors of light from the sun are filtered out by the water. Litepanels’ panchromatic LEDs (which emit a continuous spectrum of light color) are ideal for supplementing ambient light below the surface because of their even color spectrum with no chromatic peaks that could throw off throw off color reproduction. The low power draw of Litepanels LED lighting fixtures also means that divers carrying the lights underwater can do so untethered from power cables to a surface craft and can provide long shooting times from small battery packs carried with the SeaSun light fixtures. The advantage of the Litepanels’ underwater fixtures’ low heat generation is that unlike many traditional underwater lights where they must be extinguished before surfacing in order to prevent heat damage to their housings SeaSun fixtures can be taken out of the water while still lit without fear of damage to the fixture. SeaSun underwater lighting fixtures are available utilizing both Litepanels 1x1 and MicroPro fixture designs. SeaSun 1x1s are available in a Litepanels’ Standard (5600˚K or 3200˚K in flood or spot) Bi-Color (infinitely variable from 5600˚K to 3200˚K) and Bi-Focus (5600˚K with variable focus) models. The smaller SeaSun MicroPro operates off of six AA batteries and can provide light continuously for up to five hours when utilizing Energizer e2 Lithium Ion AA batteries. Litepanels SeaSun fixture housings are constructed of aluminum and plexiglass and are rated watertight to a depth of 100 feet. Litepanels