New Report Credits 3D Online Ticketing for Cinema’s Success

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Wed, 06/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

In spite of frugal economic scenario worldwide movie ticket sales reached $32 billion in 2010 up from nearly $30 billion recorded in the year 2009 according to a new report from Research and Markets. Patrons have also witnessed dramatic changes in the form of expansion of theatres chains creation of multiplexes and megaplexes that accommodate more screens. The box office growth has been mainly fuelled by the rollout of 3D screens as theatre owners charge more for a 3D film thereby increasing overall box office revenues. Also more movies are being released now than ever before giving consumers greater choices and reasons for frequent viewing. Movie theatres are no longer restricted to a place to sit and watch a movie and have evolved in function to become a complete entertainment center for consumers the report says. The report predicts that the increasing adoption of a digitally based lifestyle by majority of consumers created a new genre of audience called 'net generation' that will pump plenty of demand into online and mobile ticketing formats. And the rise of alternative delivery channels will indisputably ensure that movie watching remain a phenomenally popular entertainment option for the consumers for years to come.    Today online movie booking has become an international trend driven by the fact that more people globally are increasingly familiar with booking their movie tickets online. The online movie ticketing services market has over the years revolutionized the concept of traditional ticketing booking and has today entwined itself with modern culture influencing ticket-purchasing habits of consumers. Movies are widespread across the globe and hands-on access to movie and showtime info closest theatre locations and direction and purchase of tickets that allow on-the-go movie planning make online channel more exciting. Several theatres worldwide have made available the whole block of their inventory of theatre seats to online merchants such as Fandango and Moviefone while few others presently reserve some tickets for walk-up customers at the box office. Rising penetration of broadband combined with wireless phones with online capabilities have groomed the modern online movie ticketing industry into a multi-billion dollar market.    Despite the dampener cast by the economic recession cinema was less affected by the financial market conditions because it is one of the cheapest forms of out-of-home entertainment option. Also the value offered by entertainment during weak economic times is typically higher since people tend to seek out diversion as an option to ease the pressures of an increasingly tough economy on their lives. The willingness of regular and loyal movie buffs to watch new movie releases even in the teeth of recession fuelled the fortunes of movie ticket industry giving it a better chance of success than any other business relying on discretionary spending vulnerable to the recession. The year 2009 has already been ranked as a successful year for movie industry with a great selection of movies appealing to mass audiences. Some of this success can also be attributed to the new experiences offered by a launch of spectacular 3D films.    For more information: