NEC Reaches 1,000 Laser Projector Sales Mark

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Wed, 06/22/2016 - 12:59 -- Nick Dager

NEC has to date sold more than 1,000 digital cinema laser projectors worldwide. This achievement marks the evolution of NEC’s laser projector offerings since the launch of its world’s first DCI certified RGB laser projector and DCI certified laser phosphor projector in 2014. 

Mark Kendall, cinema business development EMEA at NEC Display Solutions Europe said, “This is NEC’s 12th year attending CineEurope, where we are celebrating our leadership position in the digital cinema industry. We look forward to expanding what is already the widest range of laser phosphor projectors on the market today, and continuing to offer our customers technology that enables lower operating costs and a long-term competitive advantage.”

In January 2016, NEC celebrated a cinema projector milestone with 10,000 digital cinema projector units sold in Europe.

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