Mytherapy Streamlines Digital Cinema 3D Mastering Workflows

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Wed, 02/24/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Central London post facility Mytherapy D-Cinelab has appointed David Wilson to head up its digital cinema mastering department. Our aim is nothing less than to change the way the DCM process works says Wilson. Because it is so new distributors often have to deal with inflexible workflows such as having to provide edited material in specific formats dealing with more than one facility to handle different tasks or more annoyingly having to wait a considerable amount of time for the process to be carried out. The facility's aim is to provide digital deliverables within 24 hours of receiving the finished masters. This includes adding logos and subtitles in multiple languages and if required passing the material to our grading department to subtly change the look of the project to emulate specific film stocks he says. Mytherapy D-Cinelab can also handle stereoscopic 3D deliverables working with directors to ensure subtitles are placed within the correct plane for the shot. This is an extremely important part of the 3D mastering process as subtitles that appear too close or too far away in a given shot can add unnecessary strain to the viewers' eyes. The workflow developed by Mytherapy also streamlines the creation of multiple delivery formats. At the same time as creating the digital cinema print we can also output Blu-ray and DVD masters as well as HD/SD tape masters for broadcasters who require them Wilson says. Says chief executive Dado Valentic We are very excited to have David on board. He brings a wealth of experience in both post-production and digital media. Mytherapy's digital cinema manifesto is to improve the current process for digital cinema package mastering and distribution as well as key delivery message generation to achieve a more efficient workflow for distributors and exhibitors. David's appointment helps us achieve that goal. Wilson was born in Melbourne Australia but he has worked in London for several years at facilities such as The Machine Room Dubbs Uncle (part of The Farm Group) and more recently at digital cinema mastering company Arts Alliance Media. Mytherapy