Major Funding Announced for British Columbia Film Industry

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Sun, 03/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Lynne Yelich Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification has announced $1 479 000 in funding for Capilano University and the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia to strengthen the local film industry. B.C.'s film industry generates thousands of jobs and is a strong economic force in this province. The purchase of equipment for Capilano University's Bosa Centre will help film students and existing industry professionals in B.C. ensure that their skill set remains current in this competitive market says Yelich. And thanks to our investment in the MPPIA these very students will be able to transition into a stronger and more productive film industry. $969 000 in funding for Capilano University will equip its new Nat and Flora Bosa Centre for Film and Animation. With this investment Capilano University will purchase stereoscopic 3D equipment including cameras monitors two S3D camera rigs and other supporting technology for the Bosa Centre. The university will train students to use S3D technology and offer opportunities for those currently employed in the B.C. film industry to upgrade their skills. Digital S3D is the leading-edge technology in cinematography and it is important that the western Canadian entertainment industry and institutions are equipped to take advantage of the arising opportunities says Yelich. Digital technology including 3D for animation and gaming is the future of the entertainment industry. As a result of this initiative B.C. will strengthen its position as a premier destination for film production. We're absolutely delighted that Western Economic Diversification Canada has recognized the value of investing in our spectacular new Bosa Centre which will ensure that students and industry workers are provided with the necessary tools for creating excellence in their productions says Capilano University's president and vice-chancellor Dr. Kris Bulcroft. This generous contribution will go a long way towards supporting our film and animation programs that are essential to their industry's growth. A second investment of $510 000 will help the MPPIA deliver a three year strategy designed to market and attract investment into B.C.'s film television and digital production industry. Building on exposure received during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games the MPPIA will develop marketing materials workshops an information-sharing database and undertake investment missions to the United States Europe and Asia. We are very pleased that Western Economic Diversification Canada is investing in the British Columbia film and digital entertainment production sector and its role in western Canada's growing knowledge based economy says Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC chairman Peter Leitch. This funding significantly increases the opportunity to showcase the strengths of the British Columbia industry in key international markets and achieve a greater share of the world's entertainment production in an increasingly competitive global environment. Canadian-based film and television production is one the country's key economic sectors. In 2009/2010 alone the total volume of production in Canada totaled $4.9 billion. The industry employs an estimated 117 200 individuals on a fulltime basis including 46 100 jobs directly in film and television production and a further 71 100 spin-off jobs in other industries in the Canadian economy.