LightSpace CMS Integrates with Dolby Pro Reference Monitors

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Fri, 04/04/2014 - 10:53 -- Nick Dager

Light Illusion has announced the full integration of its LightSpace CMS (color management system) with the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor range, models PRM4200 and PRM4220. With this full integration, users can now perform fully automated profiling and calibration of the Dolby monitor range.

“Customers using LightSpace integrated with the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor can easily and quickly calibrate, profile and color manage without additional equipment, delivering a new level of flexibility,” said Gaven Wang, senior product manager, Dolby.

The full LightSpace CMS integration handles all patch generation, profiling, and lookup table upload is managed directly from LightSpace CMS via a network interface, removing possibility for error during the profiling and calibration process. Dolby also plans to incorporate LightSpace CMS within their support organization as part of a suite of tools for display installation and customer re-calibration work.

"LightSpace CMS is the premier calibration system for any display devices, and with such high-end displays as the Dolby Professional Reference range it is critical the best possible calibration be attained,” said Steve Shaw, CEO, Light Illusion. “This makes LightSpace CMS the perfect partner to the Dolby Professional Monitor Range, as they are considered the industry standard for color critical viewing.”

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