Kinothenik Introduces Practilite 600 LED Fresnel Light

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Fri, 10/21/2016 - 11:28 -- Nick Dager

Kinotehnik has added to its Practilite range of smart Fresnel lights with the Practilite 600.

The Kinotehnik Practilite 600Practilite 600 is a smaller version of the bi-color, focusable Practilite 602 LED light. Owing to its fixed 75-degree beam angle, the new light comes in a reduced size—and at a reduced price. Yet, Practilite 600 delivers 20 percent more output than Practilite 602 in flood mode.

Practilite 600’s is designed to replace 300-450W tungsten flood fixtures and offers the added benefit of changing the color temperature without gels. Furthermore, all Practilite 600s have been precision calibrated to achieve uniform lighting consistency from 3000 to 6000K. This makes Practilite 600 especially useful on-location and in mixed lighting conditions.

Practilite 600 also boasts a Smartphone app that enables fast and effortless setup when working with hard-to-reach fixtures such as backlight or hairlight. It also works perfectly in combination with Practilite 1.3x1.3-inch Popup Softbox and 20-inch Softtube, along with the 4.5-inch Fresnel Spot Attachment.

“Practilite 600 fixture stands well above competition,” said Kinotehnik founder Tõnis Liivamägi. “Its greater projected output and variable color temperature are qualities not expected in this price range. It packs great punch, versatility and build quality – the unmistakable characteristics of any Kinotehnik product.”