Kinepolis Group Choose SmartJog Servers

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Thu, 11/19/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

European exhibitor Kinepolis Group has selected SmartJog’s Digital Cinema Central Library Servers to use in all of its 23 theaters.  Kinepolis will purchase and install the Digital Cinema Central Library Servers which are capable of storing large amount of content as well as receiving Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) via satellite and fiber. “Kinepolis has been using the SmartJoj system a few years now to receive advertising content from Médiavision well as cinema trailers which are digitally sent via the SmartJog network to our Cinemas in France “ says Bob Claeys research and development director for Kinepolis Group.  “Since we are actively rolling-out digital equipment in all of our Cinemas in France Belgium and Spain it was essential for us to find a solution capable of scalability in terms of storage and digital delivery.” Claeys says “Therefore we have opted for the SmartJog “all-in-one” solution of high-end storage and digital delivery solution. Since it’s already compatible with the equipment in our cinemas such as our Dolby servers the SmartJog Central Library allows us to store content received in our multiplexes without the need to add multiple reception and storage equipment. The flexibility of the SmartJog solution also lets us manage the delivery of our own promotional content to all of our cinemas in Europe seamlessly.” By the beginning of 2010 all of Kinepolis Group Cinemas will be equipped with the SmartJog 12 or 8 terabyte Central Library servers and will benefit from SmartJog’s fully managed digital delivery service. With this announcement SmartJog is proud to announce that it has now connected 537 screens in Europe. Kinepolis SmartJog