JT Cinema Centralizes Entire Chain with AAM Producer

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Tue, 06/23/2015 - 12:49 -- Nick Dager

Leading Dutch exhibitor JT Cinema is set to centralize all its operations with Arts Alliance Media’s Producer enterprise content management system. The agreement, which covers 102 screens across the Netherlands, will see all of JT Cinema’s sites connected to Producer at head office. From one central instance at head office, JT will be able to monitor and manage all content, KDMs, advertising and trailer pre-show, and reporting across 20 sites.

JT Cinemas was one of the first customers of AAM’s Theatre Management System, Screenwriter, which it has been using at each site to manage content, playlists and scheduling on all screens. Using Producer will extend and centralize that functionality, providing JT with increased control and visibility across their operations.

Producer is designed to monitor all sites in the circuit, showing in real-time the status of each screen so that any errors can be noticed and fixed in time to avoid losing shows. Users can see what is playing on each screen as well as planned schedules, with any errors highlighted.  The content management functionality shows where each piece of content is present across the whole estate, whether it is ready for playback and whether or not it has a valid KDM. Content can also be managed remotely from head office – moved across screens or deleted from servers to free up space.

Producer also features AAM’s Locksmith technology for complete KDM management across the circuit. Locksmith automates the entire KDM process so that shows are no longer lost as a result of missing KDMs, with users also able to view, search, upload or resend KDMs directly from the Locksmith interface.

Producer’s powerful advertising and trailer management function means packs of trailers and advertisements can be created at head office and electronically sent to each individual site. For each screen the pre-show pack is automatically inserted into the correct position in the playlist, saving staff time at site and reducing the possibility of human error. The software also provides full reporting on pack delivery and proof-of-play.

Gerrit Doorn, chief development officer of JT Cinema said of the deal, “Producer is going to completely change our operations, making it much easier for us to manage our entire cinema circuit centrally, as well as helping us avoid content, schedule or KDM errors. The automation Producer provides is going to enable our playlists to practically build themselves.”

Roberto Marabotto, sales director at Arts Alliance Media added, “JT are one of our longest-standing customers, and have been powering their screens with Screenwriter for many years, so we are delighted to see them upgrading to Producer so they can really see the benefits of full automation and control across all their screens. It’s great for us to see a truly innovative cinema using AAM software to stay ahead of the curve.”

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