Golden Apple Cinema Installing GDC TMS

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Thu, 06/20/2019 - 11:16 -- Nick Dager

Golden Apple Cinema in Czech Republic is the first cinema in Europe to fully automate its workflow with GDC’s Cinema Automation 2.0 theatre management system and SR-1000 Standalone Integrated Media Block with CineCache.

Golden Apple Cinema is a family owned company founded in 2008 and the first and only digital cinema in the Zlín Region in the Czech Republic.  

“Developing new technologies for the cinema industry is unique in that it requires constant communications with exhibitors, distributors and the creative community. CA2.0 and SR-1000 were developed from our 20-year knowledge of digital cinema and constantly working with our industry partners,” said Sachin Shetty, executive director of EMEA for GDC Technology. “The installation of our newest products at Golden Apple Cinema provides them with technology ahead of its time, solving operational issues with automation designed for today’s and tomorrow’s digital cinema world.”