FTT and XDC to Implement Digital Rollout for FSF Cinemas

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Thu, 04/28/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The German-based cinema group FSF and XDC have signed a preliminary agreement to convert FSF screens to digital under XDC’s virtual print fee funding plan. Film Ton Technik in Düsseldorf will carry out the installations. 
 Under the terms of the agreement FSF will equip their theatres Düsseldorf Recklinghausen and Stuttgart with 2L DLP digital cinema systems. Installations for the first screens will start in May. The remaining ones are to be completed by the end of 2011. 
   The FSF group operates the three UFA cinemas in Stuttgart Düsseldorf Dresden as well as Cineworld Recklinghausen. The FSF operating company emerged from the UFA cinema group and is currently managed by the Riech family. 
   “The decision for XDC’s VPF was well considered ” says Marianne Riech general manager of FSF GmbH. According to her statement UFA believes in digital cinema as one keystone for running a successful cinema business. “XDC‘s VPF model is the most convenient one for our special purpose.”
 Thomas Rüttgers general manager of FTT said “We have known each other for years as we are both Düsseldorf-based companies with a longstanding family tradition. Therefore we are happy to assist UFA with taking their next step into the future.”
   However not only FTT but also XDC has a common track record with UFA. Serge Plasch XDC’s CEO said “When XDC started its first deployments in Germany several years ago UFA cinemas were among those pioneers that tested digital cinema equipment and we are proud to be awarded with carrying out this important transition for them.”
 All screens will be equipped with Barco Series 2 DCI-compliant digital projectors and Doremi servers. The systems will be connected to XDC’s Network Operations Center which will perform the hotline support and the preventive remote maintenance.