Frequent Moviegoers Also Frequent Content Streamers, Survey Says

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Tue, 05/01/2018 - 11:54 -- Nick Dager

A new survey conducted by Ernst & Young has found that frequent moviegoers are also frequent content streamers. The study also found that non-moviegoers are also less likely to stream content. The survey was reported by the National Association of Theatre Owners during last week’s CinemaCon 2018 convention in Las Vegas.

Ernst & Young conducted a survey of 2,002 respondents; roughly 80 percent of those surveyed saw at least one movie in theatres in 2017. The primary data collected in the survey was: movie theatre attendance in 2017, streaming consumption in 2017, and demographic characteristics of the respondents.

Those who attended movies in theatres more frequently also tended to consume streaming content more frequently. For every race and age demographic, average streaming hours per week is higher for respondents who visited a movie theatre nine times or more than respondents who visited a movie theatre only once or twice. Moreover, respondents who visited a movie theatre in 2017 only once or twice reported an average of eight hours of streaming per week versus 12 hours of streaming per week for those who visited a movie theatre nine or more times.

Those who did not attend a movie in a theatre in 2017 were more likely to report less streaming activity than those who did attend at least one movie in 2017. Of those who didn’t visit a movie theatre in 2017, nearly half (48 percent) didn’t stream any online content. Of those who did not visit a movie theatre at all in 2017, only a quarter (25 percent) streamed online content for eight or more hours per week.